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What Do These Celebrity Dads Have To Say About Pregnancy And Birth?

Whether your partner is super hands-on or more of a stand-back-and-just-keep-the-ice-lolly-supply-up kind of guy, all men have slightly different approaches to pregnancy and labour. Same goes for A-listers. From Channing Tatum and David Beckham to Peter Andre and Simon Cowell, find out what these famous fathers had to say about having a baby. And tell us how your partner did (or didn’t…) get it right when it came to what he said about your pregnancy and birth in the comments board below.
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Channing Tatum on finding out his baby’s gender

‘We're going to be surprised. It's one of the only real surprises you're ever going to get that's legit.’ Source: E! News
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Josh Duhamel on pregnant wife Fergie

‘You actually look at her and you see that there's an actual baby inside of there. It's unbelievable.’ Source: Chelsea Lately
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Josh Duhamel (yes, we love him) on birth

‘Uhh, I will be there. She says that I can't be anywhere below right here [gesturing to his face]. Because, you know, some women get nervous about that.’ Source: Chelsea Lately
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Robbie Williams on gas and air

‘I had loads of it. I was looking at my mother looking at me. Every time Ayda had a contraction I thought, “I can have gas and air too.” I've got such huge respect for women who have babies.’ Source: The Sun
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Robbie Williams on having a girl

‘If we have a girl, it'll be totally cool but I would quite like a little boy. Last time I said that as long as it was healthy, I didn't mind. Then we found out we were having a girl and it was a really strange emotion. I was like, “What am I going to do with a girl?”’ Source: The Sun
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Nick Cannon on Mariah’s pregnancy photos

‘A pregnant woman is the definition of true beauty.’ Source: E! News
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Scott Disick on finding out Kourtney’s pregnant with their third baby

‘What? Holy ****!’ Source: Keeping Up With The Kardashians
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Novak Djokovic after his 2014 Wimbledon win

‘I would like to dedicate this to my future wife, and our future baby. I’m going to become a father soon, I’m still preparing for that, it’s a great joy in life.’
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Peter Andre on reaching the hospital in time

‘I was panicking thinking she [Emily] was going to give birth in the car, I was totally freaking out.’ Source: The Mirror
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Marvin Humes on how wife Rochelle coped with pregnancy

‘Like most women who have had children it’s pretty tough but she is strong. She is a trooper. Nothing phases her. She’s dealt with it really well. She has had rough days but she’s doing great.’ Source: Daily Mail
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Simon Cowell on birth epiphanies

'I actually said to Lauren beforehand, "What if I like the dogs more than him?" and she said, "You're gonna be absolutely fine," and then literally within seconds of him being born, I got it!' Source: Extra
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David Beckham on meeting Her Maj while VB was pregnant with Harper

‘Funnily enough she knew I was having a baby in six weeks. It shocked me that she knew. I love the Queen.’
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Tom Fletcher on finding out he was going to be a dad

‘We found out Gi was pregnant the night we were going to Disneyworld on holiday. Then it was awesome because we were walking around Disney looking at families and kids everywhere and being like “Awww. That's going to be us.” We are so excited.' Source: Hello!
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Michael Buble on birth

‘You know what, women are so tough. Honestly, the fact that you guys can go through that and then do it again and again is incredible.’ Source: OK
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Robert Downey Jr on his wife’s pregnancy

‘Um. Don’t know if it’s a “man’s world”, but I’m certain women run it. Susan and I are therefore delighted to announce we are expecting a baby girl. Girl. November. rdj.’ Source: Facebook
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