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What Kristen Bell’s Husband Loves About Her Pregnancy Figure

New mum Kristen Bell has opened up about her pregnancy figure – and how it was her actor husband Dax Shepard who couldn’t get enough of her curves

Some women can struggle to come to terms with their new pregnant shape, but not actress Kristen Bell.

The Forgetting Sarah Marshall actress, who gained 43 pounds during her pregnancy, loved her curvy mum-to-be figure – and her actor husband Dax Shepard was also pretty appreciative of it.

In fact, Kristen’s pregnant body was so different to her usual petite frame that Dax even told Kristen he felt like he was cheating on her. ‘I was also involved and he got a freebie that didn't hurt anybody's feelings,’ Kristen told US talk show host Conan O’Brien. ‘Or is that too progressive for everybody?’

‘He said he likes some meat on my bones,’ said Kristen. ‘He said there is more of you to love.’

Getty | Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell, pictured at last year's Golden Globes

But Kristen’s pregnancy made her work life a tad awkward. Especially as the House of Lies star had to shoot a sex scene while she was seven months pregnant.

‘I had this huge gut and I was, you know, pretending to act in a sex tape and I can look at my daughter and say “You were present for that”,’ said Kristen. The actress said that her co-star Adam Brody (Seth, from the O.C.) even referred to their sex scenes as ‘threesomes’. Is it just us that think’s that’s a little creepy?

Kristen, 33, had her 10-month-old daughter Lincoln last year and has slimmed back down to her pre-baby size and shape – we wonder if Dax minds.

What does your partner think about your pregnancy shape? Let us know in the comments box below.


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