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X Factor’s Sam Bailey: ‘My Pregnancy Scare Left Me Shaken’

We caught up with the singer to find out how she’s getting on and what happened when a mid-pregnancy bleed before an important concert had her rushing to hospital

You found out you were pregnant just before the X Factor tour started. How did that affect it?

So on the first day, nobody knew, and when I saw Luke , Nicky and Sam they literally jumped on me and gave me a hug. I think Sam had me in a headlock! I had to pull them aside and tell them I was pregnant and make them promise not to tell. I told the tour producers a week later because I was learning all these dance routines and being thrown in the air or put on swings, which all had to be scrapped!

How did you share the news with your children, Brooke and Tommy?

We sat them down and told them I was going to have a baby. My daughter went, ‘Really?’ and Tommy said, ‘Can I play on my iPad now?’

You’ve found out you’re having a girl this time round – did you find out with all your children?

Yep. I wasn’t fussed about it being a surprise and I figure, why wait and then when the baby is born, send the other half out to get everything because you haven’t got it before? I like to be prepared and organised – I think it’s the OCD in me .

You’ve had a new 4D HD scan – what was that like?

It’s been great. I started having scans with Jo from about six weeks and now I’m addicted – the pictures come out so clearly. Judging by the 4D scan pictures, I think my baby is going to look like my son, Tommy. Although there are some pictures where he looks like me – mainly when he’s got his mouth open really wide like he’s singing.

How has this pregnancy differed from your previous two?

Well, I haven’t had cankles this time round like I did with Tommy. That time, my legs just went straight down and looked like tree trunks. I’ve been lucky this time round – I think I have quite a neat bump. I’ve been enjoying tucking into food and making jam tarts which has always been a bit of tradition – even before I was on the X Factor. Except the kids don’t really like jam tarts so I’ll sit in front of the TV watching Eastenders and eat 24 of them!

Have you been doing any pregnancy fitness?

Nooooo! I know people say that you should be doing pregnancy yoga and things like that, but I’m on the go all day and that is enough for me. When the baby is born, I’ll get my exercise head back on and get a personal trainer. I’ve got no idea how much weight I’ve put on and I don’t think there’s any point worrying.

You tweeted recently about having a hospital scare. What happened?

It was the day before I was supposed to be performing at the Royal Albert Hall and I was at home with my husband in Leicester when I noticed some bleeding. It wasn’t much, but I went straight into hospital. I had to stay in overnight and have an internal scan the next day, which meant I ended up missing the concert. It did frighten me, because I was worried what they would find during the scan, but it was definitely worth being a bit cautious.

And are you taking it easier now?

Well, I’m still performing and doing shows and festivals, but I’m stopping in August. The baby is due in October, but I want to have time to wind down and enjoy spending time with my other two children. Plus, my daughter Brooke, was eight weeks early, and my waters broke while I was on stage at Leicester music festival – I did manage to keep on singing! But it’s worth finishing earlier if I can.

Do your sing to your bump?

Yeah, I’m always singing or humming. Sometimes she’ll kick, but if I’m dancing around on stage, rather than doing a slow ballad while sat on a stool, then I don’t notice the kicks.

You’ve asked X Factor judge Sharon Osborne to be godmother to your daughter. Have you heard from her recently?

I get regular texts and emails from her and I’ve phoned her a few times in LA. She’s a great friend and I know that if I called her up, she would be there for me no matter what, which is why I asked her to be my baby’s godmother when she’s born.

How do you think your children will react to their new sister?

I think my daughter is going to be great. She’s getting to that big sister age (10) where she wants to get involved and she enjoys picking up and playing with my sister-in-law’s daughter. But Tommy is five, and is a bit of a mummy’s boy, so he might take a while to come round.

How much time will you take off after the birth?

I’m due to go back to work in November, but my management have been great and are prepared to be flexible. I’m not going to commit to anything too early because the baby is my priority. I always say that when you have a baby, you should lock your doors for two weeks, don’t let anybody in and spend the time getting to know your baby. That’s exactly what I plan to do.

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