7 eBay selling tips that every mum needs to know

by Maeve Campbell |

Parenthood can be a lot of things, rewarding, funny, ridiculous, exhausting, and hard to stay on top of it all. One of the biggest concerns we face is how to keep our tots entertained all the time. From dance lessons to football, it can all put a strain on the bank account.

Fact: the average family in Britain will spend up to £230,000 raising their kids. But recently, eBay.co.uk has revealed that parents have the potential to make up to £212 extra cash selling unwanted baby items on its marketplace, to fund kid’s hobbies in the future. According to data taken from the online marketplace in the last month, a wooden cot can be sold for an average price of £23, a baby car seat for £28 and a pram pushchair for £125, totalling £176 – that could cover the cost of four piano lessons, a full ballet outfit, plus a child’s acoustic guitar!

It’s not just big items that sell well on eBay, selling multiple smaller items such as clothing and toys, as a bundle can also quickly add up to a profit with items listed under ‘baby girls clothing’ selling for an average price of £5, for example. Baby toys can be sold for an average price of £9, rattles for £6, and a baby mobile for £10.

7 eBay selling hacks for parents:

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1) Keywords are key

Take the time to get your keywords right and bidders will come. When buyers search, eBay.co.uk automatically filters the listing titles, so it's crucial to write your listing in your fellow parents’ language and use the terminology they search for - especially brand and product names, for example ‘Mamas and Papas wooden cot’ will do better on site than simply ‘cot’.

From the 3rd of March 2019, the online marketplace will introduce ‘Free to List’ for consumer sellers, making it easier to make extra money when selling through eBay.co.uk. Paying for listings will now be a thing of the past for consumer sellers, who’ll be able to list their items for free. To make more selling on eBay, visit https://www.ebay.co.uk/sl/sell

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