7 ways being a mum makes you better at your job

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Forget the mum guilt, especially when it comes to work – giving birth has given you skills that will trump those of your colleagues.

You might worry you’ve lost touch, or feel insecure or nervous about going back to work. (Yes, we’ve been there, too.) But motherhood brings hidden advantages on all levels, practically and emotionally. Giving birth and looking after a newborn requires an inner strength only mums develop – not least patience and an ability to negotiate out of dead-ends (lost toys and tantrumming spring to mind).

And these brilliant by-products of having a baby give you the edge at work, too. In a recent survey, 61% of working mums believed they did a better job after having a child.

Still not convinced? Let our Working Mums Club panel mentors remind you why you’re the best you’ve ever been.

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1) You’ve developed patience

If you’ve ever tried to do anything in a hurry – er, get your baby to sleep or work out how to use your sling while your baby bawls – you’ll know that you can no longer proceed in life without drawing on deep reserves of patience.

‘Most parents learn to take a deep breath and give people around them more understanding,’ says Jessica Chivers, founder of The Talent Keeper Specialists and author of Mothers Work! How To Get A Grip On Guilt And Make A Smooth Return To Work. ‘In the workplace, this means a greater acceptance of other people’s approaches.’ So, you’re not just a team player, but you’re empathetic, too.

'Motherhood focuses the mind'

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