About The Working Mums Club

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We’re supporting working mums with a dedicated Working Mums Club for Mother&Baby readers

Feel unsupported at work? We hear you. Struggling to balance career and family? We’ve got the information you need.

We’ve also recruited some of the most inspirational working mums we’ve ever met to create a unique panel, who will offer advice, share their own experiences and support you with the joint pressures of bringing up a family and moving up the career ladder.

We’ll bring you expert advice, Facebook chats and more – just look out for details in the magazine and at motherandbaby.co.uk.


  • Offer support and advice about managing your work/life balance

  • Help you know the practical info you need, as well as your rights when it comes to flexible working and what you’re entitled to

  • Share the stories of inspirational working mums like you

  • Ask the best in the business to reveal how they make it work

  • Give you the emotional and practical support you need to cope with the joint pressures of bringing up a family and moving up the career ladder

  • Help you with the psychological transition from career-minded to career mum

  • Advise on entrepreneurial ventures (stay-at-home mums, we salute you, too!)

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