Family Days Out Cost Double What They Did Ten Years Ago

by Alison Coldridge |

Struggling to justify the cost of a family day out? You’re not the only one…

Research has revealed that families are struggling to afford day trips out as the cost of some activities has doubled in the last decade.

A survey, conducted by Halifax, has shown exactly how much popular family outings now cost – in comparison to what they did ten years ago.

Theme park tickets have increased by 52 per cent, taking them from £29.38 in 2004 to £44.56 now. And a trip to the cinema may be out of the question for some families, with the survey showing that prices have gone up by half, setting a family of four back £44.60. 

Even a splash around in the swimming pool has got more expensive, increasing by 80 per cent from £7.50 in 2004 to £13.48 now.

But the biggest increase in price was found to be in tickets to football matches with the cost of an adult Premier League ticket now costing £83.70, compared to £35.55 in 2004.

The good news? Parents are being thriftier with the family activities they plan today, by seeking out good deals and money-off vouchers.

And some stay-at-home activities are more affordable today, the survey shows. Watching films at home is more affordable and broadband Internet fees have fallen by 50 per cent. The cost of books has also reduced by six per cent.

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