Get Your Maternity Rights, Flexible Working Hours And Childcare Questions Answered

Visit our Facebook page at 1pm on Thursday to get questions on work and career answered by Claire Young

by Hannah Fox |

Join us on our Facebook page on Thursday for a Q&A with childcare and maternity rights expert Sarah-Jane Butler

More mums than ever are juggling work and motherhood and we want to make sure you feel fulfilled and supported. That’s why we’ve set up our Working Mums Club, to advise and get behind you every step of the way.

Part of this involves Q&As on our Facebook page with inspirational working parents who can offer advice and share their own experiences of bringing up a family and moving up the career ladder.

This Thursday, we have Sarah-Jane Butler on Facebook at 1pm to share her advice with you. Sarah-Jane is founder of Parental Choice, which provides professional parents with information and advice on childcare options available and more importantly how to find and manage their childcare and career with the minimum amount of stress and hassle.

Sarah-Jane qualified as a financial solicitor in the City in 2003 and subsequently worked for several top international law firms and banks before having her children and realising that combining a full time legal career and childcare wasn’t as easy as originally planned.

That’s when she founded Parental Choice, which works together with parents and companies, sourcing childcare, advising on flexible working and dealing with all the administrative complexities, to help parents make the right childcare choice for them, their career and their family.

Ask her anything you like about maternity and childcare rights, legal queries, putting forward a flexible work proposal, choosing and employing a nanny, and picking childcare that works for you.

 Simply post on our Facebook wall from 1pm, tweet your question to @MotherAndBaby or email if you’d prefer to be anonymous or aren’t free on Thursday. We’d love to hear your tips too so share them with us on the day using the hashtag #workingmumsclub

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