Meet The Working Mums Club Panellists: Gaby Roslin

Meet The Working Mums Club Panellists: Gaby Roslin

by Marie-Claire Dorking |

Gaby Roslin, broadcaster and TV presenter, is mum to Libbi-Jack, 12, and Amelie, almost seven

No one ever does the work/life thing perfectly. I’m lucky enough to have amazing friends, great babysitters and the most fantastic husband and we just somehow muddle through.

I’m honest with the kids about why I work. We need the money, but also I love working and it’s good for me. And they understand that.

With my first daughter I took 12 weeks maternity leave. I’m freelance so when I’m not working I don’t get paid. I found going back fine because I trusted the childcare – we had a wonderful nanny.

Being a single mum was difficult. Luckily I was able to afford help because I don’t know what I would have done otherwise. And then I met David and had another baby, which I wasn’t expecting, and now we just juggle.

Children don’t break. If you hand your child to somebody else and they fall and bump their knee, that’s ok. When I started doing my radio breakfast show, my friends told me the kids would be fine with someone else taking them to school. And they were.

It’s ok to feel guilty – we all do. But life is too short. If you spend your whole time feeling guilty you won’t have a relaxed relationship with your child.

There’s nothing you can do about a traffic jam. I’ve had times when I’ll finish filming and have to pick up the kids and get stuck in traffic and I’m thinking Oh My God. Those moments are horrible, but they do happen and there’s not a lot you can do about it.

I hope I’m a good parent. But I certainly make mistakes. I’m a stickler for manners. So when I pick the kids up and my friends tell me they’ve been polite that makes me proud.

I’m mummy 24 hours a day. When I go to work I’m still mummy, it just so happens I’m also a broadcaster and television presenter.

Becoming a parent has made me more relaxed. Everyone says it makes them worry more, but I’m far less stressed than before I had kids. If they fall over, they’ll be alright. We put Arnica cream on everything.

I’m not a good pregnant person. I put on five stone both times, not through eating, but through fluid retention. I didn’t feel well for the first 17 weeks, but I’m a worker, and that took my mind off the sickness and worrying how huge I was.

I hope I’m a good parent. But I certainly make mistakes.

Going to the gym helps me stay me. I go as often as I can – sometimes five times a week. I think that at my age it’s important.

It annoys me when people say I shouldn’t be working. If I’ve made that decision then people should respect that. I hate the expression the sisterhood, but women should be thoughtful to other women.

The most challenging thing about being a working parent is trying not to lose your temper. Especially on those nights when you’re tired and they’re tired and you have to get them to bed and all you want to do is have a glass of wine and a hot bath. That and traffic jams.

Weekends = family time. On a Sunday morning we all pile into bed, have breakfast together and a natter. Then we see my dad, go to the local park or out to lunch. My other favourite thing is watching X Factor and Strictly Come Dancing with the girls on a Saturday night.

Why shouldn’t a woman with kids be at the top of her game? It annoys me that there are so few women in the top jobs. Yes we go off and have babies but we can still be blooming good workers.

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