Victoria Beckham Named Most ‘Inspirational Working Parent’

by Alison Coldridge |

UK mums select the fashion designer as the parent for having healthy work and life balance

Her fashion line gets better each season, she frequently tops the ‘best dressed’ charts with her impeccable personal style and is always at hubby David’s side when needed. And she finds the time to be a seemingly brilliant mum to her brood of four.

So as news lands that Victoria Beckham has scored the title of most ‘inspirational working parent’, it’s no huge surprise.

In the survey, Angelina Jolie was named as the second favourite, Holly Willoughby came third, Princess Diana fourth and Her Maj the Queen was fifth.

The Beckham’s scored a double whammy with David being named the seventh most inspirational parent. The couple are parents to Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz and Harper Seven while running their various businesses and appearing at many fabulous celebrity events, often with one or more of their brood in tow. It must be a bit manic, but Victoria does admit she enlists the help of a nanny… well, she can afford it!

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