Yes, you can be a brilliant mum and great at your job

working mum juggling motherhood and her job

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You’ve become a semi-pro at this parenting thing, but now you’re trying to juggle being World’s Best Mum with a job you love. So, how do you bring your A-game to both?

Do you still get that ‘new girl’ feeling, even though your maternity leave finished ages ago? You’re not the only one.

Multi-tasking nursery runs with deadlines and meetings can only add to feelings of uncertainty, but relax. It takes at least four months to feel fully confident back in the workplace after having a baby, according to a recent survey.

And, while you may feel you can never truly have it all, it is possible to do well in both worlds. It’s all about prioritising, being smart and changing your focus to reflect your current life stage.

How to juggle motherhood and your job:

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1) Start as you mean to go on

It’s easy to let that meeting run over, but laying down ground rules now will pay dividends. ‘Being clear about when you are and aren’t available will also help your colleagues, and make everyone’s lives easier,’ says Nicola De Burlet, Head of PR at Kenneth Green Associates.

Feel like you’re getting dirty looks when you walk out the door? Try not to over-think it, and compromise if it’s absolutely necessary. ‘Business is about give-and-take, so if you can’t stay late, tell people that you’ll be around for 30 minutes that evening to take any vital calls,’ says Anna Doble, legal director of media law firm Wiggin.

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