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18 Signs You’re A Frugal Mum (AKA Mama-conomist)

Section: Finances
There’s no question that bringing up a baby is expensive, and while there are certain items and activities that you’re happy to splash out on, you’ve also discovered clever ways to save the pennies
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1 You get all your baby’s clothes from ‘nearly new’ sales

Let’s be honest, half the clothes aren’t even nearly new, they’re brand new with the tags still on (aka BNWT).
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2 You refill your toddler’s Fruit Shoot bottle with water

The best thing is that your little one hasn’t even clocked that it’s water rather than fruit squash.
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3 Your baby boy is wearing your older daughter’s clothing

So, your son is currently sporting a fetching pair of light red leggings (ok, they’re pink). But it’s all about gender-neutral parenting, don’t you know?
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4 You’re ‘watching’ four baby items on eBay

You’re an expert at gazumping with a winning bid just before the auction closes to bag that must-need baby product.
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5 Keeping up with Jones’ is a totally alien concept

So one of your mum friends has the latest Bugaboo. So what…
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6 Re-usable wipes are your money-saving secret

Sounds like they might be a bit grim, but actually, they’re easy to prepare and kind on your baby’s bum.
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7 You know the best times to visit the supermarket

Heading to the supermarket at the end of the day means you can take advantage of all the food that gets reduced.
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8 You refill raisin boxes from a larger bag

Opening up the little boxes is half the fun for your toddler, so you just take the empty box and refill it from a larger stash. Makes perfect sense.
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9 You’ve signed up to every parenting club going

Have you any idea how many freebies and money-off vouchers they have? It makes a serious difference to your weekly shop cost.
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10 Homemade baby toys are your speciality

You make your own bubble blowing mixture with washing up liquid and fill Tupperware containers with pasta to make shakers, and they always go down well with your toddler.
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11 You share baby products between mum friends

The vibrating baby bouncer is currently keeping your second baby happy, after being used by four of your other friends.
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12 You can’t say no to a BOGOF

Baby food, nappies, baby toiletries – if there’s a BOGOF deal (buy one, get one free) you’re there. So you’ve got enough Johnson’s Baby wash to last until your child turns 10, but if he doesn’t use it, you can (although the same can’t be said for nappies).
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13 Batch cooking has meant your freezer is fully stocked

You went into a frenzy of cooking in the final month before your baby arrived, and now you’ve saved £££s avoiding expensive ready meals and have enough frozen chilli and lasagne to last for three months.
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14 When your toddler chews through the sleeves on his jumper, you turn it into a tank top

Your long-abandoned sewing kit is getting a new lease of life.
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15 You’ve taken up knitting

Not only are you making cute mittens, jumpers and cardigans for your baby, it’s also a chance for ‘stitch-and-bitch’ catch-up with your friends.
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16 You’re doing a joint birthday party with your toddler’s friend

Saving money on the cost of the party location, kids entertainer, food and goody bags is definitely the way forward.
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17 You’ve joined up with mum friends to create a babysitting circle

It means there’s almost always someone you can turn to when you’re desperate for grown-up night out with the other half.
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18 ‘Just call me green fingers…’

Ok, so your garden is the size of a postage stamp, but in it, you’ve managed to grow rocket, basil, strawberries AND tomatoes – healthy and cheap foods for the whole family.

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