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Private Health Insurance

From just 59p each a day, a family of four can have fully comprehensive private health care.

As a parent, being ill or injured is an extra worry especially if you need to have time in hospital. Private health insurance provides speedy diagnosis, prompt treatment and high quality care allowing you to get back home and to normality quickly.

  • A referral on the NHS can take up to 18 weeks

You can avoid waiting lists, receive care from some of the country's top consultants and enjoy high patient/nurse ratios in hospitals which insist on high standards of hygiene, comfort and catering to accelerate your recovery. The impact of waiting for appointments or results can be alleviated and if your child is covered too, parents can stay with their children if they need a stay in hospital.

  • Most private hospitals are cleaner, many with zero occurrences of MRSA and other bugs*

Assured Futures is a specialist in family insurance products and have a team of qualified advisers dedicated to private health policies. There is a variety of options available to families which can cover all or a choice of the following: diagnostic tests and scans, treatment, cancer care, complementary therapies, dental and optical care. Some insurance companies offer a choice on the elements of healthcare you would like covered. There are even options to cover pre-existing conditions. A few providers also now have same day online phone access to a GP which is, in our experience, one of the main motivations for purchasing private health insurance.

  • The average wait for a GP appointment is expected to be 2 weeks by 2016

Costs may not be as high as you think and there are ways to reduce the premiums as with other insurance types, a higher excess means a lower premium; reducing the range of hospitals also helps.

Reasons to Purchase

  1. Stay with your child throughout their hospital stay
  2. Clean hospitals and nutritious food give peace of mind
  3. Quick diagnosis and treatment
  4. High nursing ratios
  5. I’m treated promptly so I’m back home quickly
  6. My children and family can visit me all together

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1. Can I start a policy while pregnant/on maternity leave?

Yes. Pregnancy is not covered by any private health insurance however some insurers will cover a few birth complications please ask one of our advisers which insurers offer this.

2. Am I able to stay with my child during their hospital treatment?

Yes. Most private facilities provide high quality provisions for parents of patients.

3. Are pregnancy and childbirth complications covered?

Yes. The majority of insurers will cover some birth-related health conditions. It's unlikely that a transfer to a private facility during childbirth would happen if complications covered by the policy occur. Any current pregnancy would not be covered if a policy was taken out as it would be considered a pre-existing condition. Future pregnancies would be covered.

4. Are complementary therapies covered for me/my child?

Yes. Complementary therapies can be included for each policyholder.

5. Can dental work for my children be covered?

Yes. Dental plans can be included in the policy although usually insurers only cover routine dental treatment; orthodontic treatment is not normally covered.

6. Can I buy policy just for my child?

7. Can I upgrade or downgrade from diagnostic only cover to treatment cover mid-way through the policy term?

No policies cannot be altered once in place but most are in place for a year so adaptations can be made at the renewal stage. We have a specialist renewal team who can help you assess if it is better for you to change policy depending on if you have made any claims or if any new products would be more suitable.

8. Am I applicable to have cancer treatment if my policy is diagnostic only?

No. Cancer treatment must be covered when the policy is set up to benefit from cancer care and treatment.

9. Is there a cancellation policy?

Yes. Most insurers offer a full refund if the cancellation is made within 30 days of starting. Policies may be cancelled after this time but no premiums will be refunded.

Facts & Figures

  • A referral on the NHS can take up to 18 weeks
  • The average wait for a GP appointment is expected to be 2 weeks by 2016
  • The average cost of a hip replacement in the UK is £10,340
  • An MIR scan costs between £200 and £813 in the UK
  • The cost of seeing a private GP is £120 per consultation
  • An NHS GP consultation is 8-10 minutes, privately is 30 minutes
  • Most private hospitals are cleaner, many with zero occurrences of MRSA and other bugs*

*Bupa research


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