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Need Advice On Balancing Business And Home Life? Our Working Mums Club Q&A Could Help

Business mentor and stress expert Heather Bestel will be answering questions on how to successfully manage your work life while bringing up a family

Whether you’re heading back to work after maternity leave, or looking into starting your own business, juggling motherhood and work can be a challenge for many mums. But for Heather Bestel, it’s about finding the right balance and support so you can create a happy, working lifestyle.

Heather is a mum, therapist, author and award winning business mentor. She’s travelled around the UK speaking at conferences about stress management, set up a blog for mumpreneurs and founded The Happiness Garden, an online virtual retreat for women.

She’ll be available on Thursday 19 June from 1-2pm to answer questions on our Facebook page for our Working Mums Club Q&A. She can provide tips and advice on managing stress when you work or run your own business, putting yourself first in the workplace so that everyone benefits, boosting your post-baby job confidence, growing your business via social media and creating a business around your family.

Heather Bestel

Simply post on our Facebook wall from 1pm, tweet your question to @MotherAndBaby or email if you’d prefer to be anonymous or aren’t free on Thursday. We’d love to hear your tips too so share them with us on the day.

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