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5 Things To Do While Your Baby Is Asleep (And What Not To Do)

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Step away from the pile of washing and put down your smartphone. We’ve got the perfect reasons to avoid using your baby’s naptime to rush around doing chores

Relax – even better, sleep

Everyone tells you to sleep when your baby sleeps as the best way to catch up on zzzzz and not let sleepless nights get on top of you. Easier said than done when you’ve got a napping timebomb in the other room. But even if you can’t get to sleep, relaxing on your bed or sofa with a book or just not rushing around can be as beneficial.

Connect with friends or family

Being stuck at home with a young baby means it’s extra important you stay connected with other people. Whether that’s inviting your next door neighbour round for a quick cup of tea while your baby naps, or phoning or skyping your family.

Focus on older siblings

If this is your second baby, and you have an older child at home, naptime can be a perfect chance to give her some undivided attention – ideally combined with sitting down. So do some painting or drawing or have a teddybear tea party in your living room.

Watch YOUR TV show

If your toddler telly tyrant (“It’s Mr Tumble or nothing”) is calling the shots, then now is the time to catch up on the shows that interest you. Whether you’re raiding your Sky+ back catalogue or watching an episode from your favourite Game of Thrones box set, make the next hour about you.

Take a photo of your baby

Is there anything cuter (or more satisfying) than a sleeping baby? Peace, quiet (unless he’s a noisy sleep snuffler – don’t worry, it’s totally normal) and the total satisfaction that he’s your baby and you’ve managed to get him to sleep. Plus, his squashed sleep face will make for some comedy pictures – perfect for keeping for his 21st birthday party.


Tip-toeing around – Get your baby used to hearing background noise from birth (within reason of course – shouting or banging won’t help) and it will teach your baby to sleep through it as he gets older.

Tidying or laundry – Unless it makes you happy to get organised, these can all be done when your baby is awake – just pop him in a bouncer or highchair and you can chat or engage with him while you fold clothes or pick-up toys.

What do you enjoy doing when your is napping? Let us know below.


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