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6 things nobody tells you about becoming a dad

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Before your baby is born, you are inundated with what it’s going to be like as a parent. The thing is, people often forget to tell you some of the finer details of being a dad…and some of them are quite important!

1) It’s as tough as being a mum

I can almost hear the gasps as the mums reading this sharply inhale. Physically, becoming a dad isn’t anywhere near as difficult, but as normality returns (it never really does) dads are tested as much as mums are. Most dads will only get a short paternity leave and will return to work promptly after the baby is born. On top of that, the overwhelming pressure of providing and supporting can at times be really tough for dads. I’m not sure why, but the pressure that dads face isn’t something that’s widely spoken about in the parenting world…so dads, just a heads up, it can be tough at times – it’s totally normal to feel overwhelmed!

2) You’ll never sleep again

Slight exaggeration, but there are elements of truth in there. No matter how well your baby sleeps, sleep for you becomes shorter and significantly more sporadic. It’s weird, you become strangely attuned to any noise that resembles a baby moving or crying (which by the way is a lot of noises as it turns out). Maybe it’s dad-instinct, but sleeping won’t be how it used to, screaming baby or not. Get your kip in before the baby arrives!

3) You change

People will inevitably tell you that “things won’t be the same” but what people don’t tell you is how much you change as a person. I like to think I’m a better version of myself now I’m a dad, and for the most part, I truly believe I am…but I have changed. My priorities are very different now I’m a dad and nobody really said about how much they were going to change.

4) You suddenly get emotional

I literally can’t watch any programs about children being born. Whereas before I was a dad, it was simply due to me thinking they were rubbish, it’s now more about it bring back memories of my boy being born. It’s crazy how emotional I’ve suddenly become now I’m a dad – something I wasn’t expecting be so prevalent!

5) You actually share food willingly

Sharing is something I’m good at; sharing food is something I’m not good at. The one and only individual in this world that even gets considered for a taste of what’s on my plate is my little boy. That exemplifies the love you feel for your kid. I knew I’d love him (obviously) but it’s a love like no other and nobody prepared me for how willingly I’d share my food with him.

6) You’re in awe of your partner

Birth is phenomenal. If it’s easy, hard, clean gruesome, whatever, it’s absolutely amazing. However, the baby enters the world, the feeling you get as a dad is one of complete and utter awe. I will never forget the feeling of pride that I felt for my wife as our baby was born. People don’t really talk much about what it’s like being a dad during birth as (quite rightly) the real focus is on mum…dads, it’s insane.

Becoming a dad is the best experience in the world, it’s truly magical. You’re in for some fun and you’re in for some tough times. Be good to each other.

Written by @thehonestdad

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