8 things kids do that are funny – but you really shouldn’t laugh

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You knew when you became a mum you'd be sharing your home with a messy, lovable and sometimes charming mini-me but you hadn't bargained for life with a stand-up comic - intentional or otherwise!

Here are eight hilarious things that kids do (let us know on Facebook how many your toddler has managed to tick off the list...)

1 Quoting Peppa Pig and telling your partner he is 'silly, naughty, messy daddy'

Well you've been on at him about that for years, it's good to have someone on side.

2 That bumbling stumble when they start walking

As long as they don't hurt themselves, it's quite fun to see your offspring wander around like a drunk aunt at a wedding.

3 Wearing their potty as a hat

Its not quite as elegant as the headwear at Ascot, but it's just as entertaining.

4 Catching them with their pants down and weeing in a public place

If you've got to go, you've got to go. If only you could do that while stuck on the motorway with a full bladder.

5 The mispronunciation of words when learning to speak

Shouting "Wow! Big stick" as a man with a dog walks past you is the highlight of park visits.

6 When your kid starts saying "No" with authority

Its the cute little voice that does it. Even though you know it is setting a bad precedent, a surprised giggle is totally normal.

7 Projectile poos

Especially when they are onto your partner in the middle of the night. In fact, only when they are onto your partner in the middle of the night.

8 Remarking on a stranger's incredibly fat bottom...

As long as its out of earshot. Your child is like a socially reckless version of you. I mean, everyone was thinking it.

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