According to new research, babies with THESE names will be the most successful

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by Jane McGuire |

As any parent will know, there’s a lot of pressure in choosing a name for your baby – do you go with something traditional or trendy? Unusual or unique? Yet according to new research, your baby’s name can actually predict the salary they might go on to earn.

The Knowledge Academy investigated the nation’s most popular baby names and found that for boys, those named Oscar will scoop the largest salaries, at an average of £37,786. Next in line are baby boys named George, who will on average earn £37,342, then babies named Oliver, who will earn £35,536.

For girls on the other hand, those named Lily will pocket the highest salaries, at an average of £30,821. In second place are girls named Isabella, who will on average earn £28,935, then babies named Ella, who are predicted to earn £28,623.

Towards the bottom of the list were the names Noah and Ava – despite being popular baby names for 2017, these two names were not predicted to be high earners in future careers.

Of course, these predictions are just that, and picking a name for your tot should still be exciting. Not found a name you love yet? Why not try our baby name generator?

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