Asda Toddler & First Cup – Tried and Tested!

by Joshua Calton-Weekes |

Our panel of no-nonsense mums put popular baby products through (very!) vigorous testing, meaning you can spend money on the things that really work and have extra time to watch EastEnders with a cuppa tea!

In this month's hot seat...

ASDA Little Angels Toddler & First Cup, £3.50

ASDA Sippy Cup

They say: 'Handy lid helps keep the edge clean 360° edge allows your little one to drink from any side Sturdy handles make it easy for little hands'

Hmmmm. Over to you, mums!

WATCH: How our panel of mums got on with the Asda Toddler's First Cup...

1) What was your first reaction to the Toddler's First Cup?

Terina: 'I iked the simplicity of the packaging and easy to open with not much package waste'

Emma. N: 'The pink colour looked nice and bright and I especially liked that the fact that it had a lid!'

Joanne: 'Love the colour, interesting design, more of a grown up cup'

2) Did the packaging explain what the product was?

Jennifer: 'It was very clear what the product was as there was no packaging shielding the cup. It was clearly wrote on the top of the cup what it was and had simple instructions on the back of the cardboard and warning instructions in a single leaflet inside.'

Emma. E: 'Yes was clear and I liked that it wasn't covered in plastic. It had very little packaging which is great for recycling purposes and the environment!'

3) How and when would this product be useful for you and your baby?

Gemma: 'It could be used daily for little ones, I did notice it leaked a little if it was being bashed around...'

Emma. N:  'This would be useful for mealtimes in and outside of the home.  Also for taking on walks and days out due to the lid, which prevents spills.'

Jennifer: 'My daughter uses this all the time! It has replaced her main water bottle. No spill makes it so easy to take out and about and I have no fear of it leaking in the house as she is very independent and likes to have her drink available for her whenever she needs it.'

Kayleigh: 'This product is useful for around the house. It definitely makes for a good cup for drinks at home.'

Terina: 'The cup is ideal for travelling and putting it in the nappy bag so always have a drink to hand.'

4) Did your baby find the product easy to use?

Gemma: 'My 8 month old did struggle a little bit as the cup is quite large, but the handles are big so easy grip. My 2 year old handled the cup a lot better and managed to suss out how to drink from it very quickly'

Emma. N: 'My little girl of 18 months had no difficulties using this product'

Terina: 'My daughter is 7 months old, she is still getting use to drinking but was happy to put to her mouth and take a drink, she was also happy to hold the handles.'

Emma. E: 'Yes my daughter is only 7 and a half months and it only took a couple of minutes for her to work out how to use it.'

You can get your own Toddler's First Cup from Asda's Little Angels collection by following the link here.

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