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by Jane McGuire |

Do you tend to treat your tot to a babyccino when you’re popping into Costa for a skinny latte? If so, you might want to read this and re-think things.

You won’t be the only mum to be shocked to find out that experts are now warning parents about the large sugar content in Costa’s babyccinos. The British Dietetic Association has found that Costa’s chocolate babyccino with a flake or marshmallow has 13.7g of sugar per 100ml. 5g of this will be from the milk itself, but this staggering amount of sugar means your tot is drinking more than he would if you gave him Fanta, Sprite, Coca Cola or Dr Pepper. (Coca Cola has 10.6g of sugar per 100ml).

Lucy Jones from the British Dietetic Association said: ‘Most of us think milkier drinks are healthier. They have proteins, calcium and vitamins B12 and D. But lots of added sugar can negate benefits. It’s something Costa should look at.’

Please remember, this story isn’t to make any mums feel guilty or worried, just to bring the latest news to your attention. Milk is obviously a better option than a fizzy drink, so perhaps remove the Flake or marshmallow on your next Costa trip.

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