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The very best parenting apps every mum needs to download

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Looking for a parenting app? Whether you are breastfeeding, trying to ace your baby's sleep routine or simply want to share cute snaps with your nearest and dearest, then check out our best parenting app guide 2019... 

The rise of 'digital detoxes' and 'social media cleanses' means we are encouraged to squash our screen time as much as possible. However, using your phone doesn't have to equal Instagram fomo and hours spent playing Candy Crush. 

There are some great uses including tracking pregnancy, entertaining a toddler, nailing sleep routines and managing a work-life balance...(it is possible!) 

Here are the very best parenting apps every mum needs to download... 

The best parenting apps 2019:

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1) Ovia Parenting & Baby Tracker

With this clever app, you can track everything baby, from breastfeeding/bottlefeeding, nappy changes, sleep, milestones and photos. You can invite family and friends to follow your little one's development on the app, too! 

Price: Free
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The UK's largest childcare app, where you'll discover babysitters, nannies, registered childminders and even private tutors. 
Never worry about a pal's birthday or committing to extra hours at work again...

What's more, If you're a childminder yourself, you can sign up on the site and make extra money! 

Price: Free
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3) Peanut 

Peanut shows you likeminded mamas near you, and makes it easy to meet. You can message and create group conversations, explore topics and is a godsend for any mums who feel isolated. 

Price: Free
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4) Lifecake Family & Baby Photos

You can share your little one’s journey through cute snaps, with the rest of your family and friends. Ideal if you have loved ones who live far away. 

Price: Free 
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5) Baby+

It has everything you need to keep track of all the important info, when your baby first arrives. 
The day by day, week by week charts are fantastic to see progress and it allows you to log doctors visits, vaccines, meds, milestones and photos, and your own weight.
Mums love the doctors appointments and questions section, which is super helpful. 

Price: Free
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6) The Wonder Weeks 

Keep track of your baby’s mental development and learn about all the hurdles/fussy phases and when they're likely to arise. 
The app shows you a calendar of when your baby makes a leap in their mental development. 

Price: £2.99 
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7) BabyPi 

A genius app which can predict how tired or hungry your baby is and has artificial intellegence to learn your little one's unqiue patterns and quirks. It even shows a constipation warning, when poops fall outside usual patterns. 

Price: Free, with inapp purchases
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8) Baby Night Light 

Baby Night Light is an app that lights up in the dark and gives off soft and comforting light until your kids is deeply asleep. Choose from a plethora of lights and different soothing melodies including white noise and washing machine sounds. 

Price: Free
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9) Annabel Karmel 

The app is filled with over 350 yummy recipies, meal planners and shopping lists, making dinner time a breeze! The whole family will enjoy these recipes from M&B's resident weaning advisor Annabel Karmel.  

Price: £3.99


The best parenting apps for pregnancy 

There of plenty of great pregnancy apps if you're expecting. Here are a few of our favourites:

  • Kegel Trainer: This app reminds you to do your pelvic floor exercises and has different (and fun!) sessions to work through. 
  • What to expect: From the makers of the popular pregnancy book What to Expect When You’re Expecting, this free app includes a lot of brilliant info. 
  • CineMama: Helping you take the best bump photos possible, you can turn your photos into a video with its own soundtrack!

Check out our full list of the best apps for pregnancy, here. 

The best parenting apps for busy mums: 

Need a PA but can’t afford one? One thing’s for clear – mums are busy people. That’s where the app store comes in. Here are some of the top time-management apps for busy mamas:

  • Sleepbot: A sleep-cycle tracker that records your movement and sounds during the night. 
  • AroundMe: Shows you wear the closest amenities are, including coffee shops, hospitals and public toilets, plus how to get there. 
  • Money Dashboard: Keeps details of all your current, credit card and savings accounts in one place, no matter who you bank with.

Check out our full list of the best apps for busy mums, here. 

The best apps for breastfeeding:

Whether you're looking for trackers, information or to meet like-minded people, there are lots of brilliant apps to help you in your breastfeeding journey.

  • Baby Feed Timer: This app can track when and how long their baby feeds and has a useful reminder setting for when a feed is due
  • Breast Start: This will answer all your breastfeeding questions and has evidence-based information from NHS professionals. 
  • Feed Finder (Breastfeeding): Tells you great places to breastfeed that are nearby. 

Check out our full list of the best apps for breastfeeding, here. 

The best apps for new mum fitness:

Juggling #mumlife with admin, work and a gym routine? You're joking, right? Well, thanks to these clever apps, moving your body has never been so easy. Here are a few picks:

  • Tabata Timer: A HIIT workout that lasts 240 seconds, which means even you have time! 
  • Workout for Women: 7-minute routines, plus demonstrations for every move. 
  • My Fitness Pal: A way to track calories and macronutrients for those watching what they eat. 

Click here to see the full list of apps for fitness. 

The very best baby sleep apps:

From white noise to lullabies, you can even track your little ones sleep to help get them into a good routine! Here are the very best sleep apps for babies:

  • The Best Baby Tracker: You can record feeding times, nappy changes, medical information such as weight, height, and even track your baby's sleep.
  • Baby Connect: The app allows you to share sleep information with others, meaning a sleepover at Grandma's is a lot less stressful.
  • Baby Sleep Pro: Helps your baby fall asleep with a selection of white noise sounds.

Check out the full list of baby sleep apps, here. 

9 educational apps your toddlers will love: 

But with the right apps, you can help your child learn, as well as develop their motor skills, problem-solving and reaction times. Here are a few of our favourites!

Check out our full list of toddler-friendly apps, here. 

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