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13 parenting podcasts to download for the 4am feed

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Whether you’re eagerly expecting a new arrival or just a parent in need of some advice here are the podcasts for you.

We’ve found guidance on a range of issues from helping your child through anxiety to learning how to love your pregnancy body... when you want to feel *normal* despite having spent your day sleep-deprived, Weetabix-stained and arguing with a two-year-old who wants to eat birthday cake for breakfast! 

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The best parenting podcasts:

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1) Scummy Mummies 

This listen is for the less-than-perfect parent who’s eager to discuss the ups, downs and all the wacky things inbetween. Hosted by comedians Ellie Gibson and Helen Thorn, recent episodes include discussions on keeping your kids safe online and how to manage screen time.
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2) Here We Go Again With Stacey Solomon 

New mum Stacey Solomon is making us feel a lot better about ourselves and our bodies, so we were so excited to learn the Loose Women star was bringing out her very own parenting podcast. 

Expect chats around birth stories, Rex and what it means to be a new mum in 2020. 

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3) Pregnancy Podcast 

After experiencing confusion and anxiety throughout her own pregnancy Vanessa Merten started the Pregnancy Podcast to help expectant mothers (and partners too) navigate the tricky world of pregnancy.
She discusses everything from foods that could help your labor to travelling and exercising while pregnant.
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4) Loose Lips

Hosted by Mother&Baby's agony aunt Anna Williamson and Luisa Zissman, the podcast contains 'words, strong opinions and rants' wand is a favourite with mummas everywhere, especially as subjects broached on the bi-weeky podcast include sex after birth, parenting styles and potty training. We adore. 
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5) Birth Stories in Color

This podcast aims to create a community for people of color to share and learn from birth stories of all types including adoption. Hosts Laurel Gourrier and Danielle Jackson adopt a slightly different approach to parenting by emphasising the role of storytelling as a way to equip future parents.
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6) Mothers' Meeting

Louise Pentland hosts this relatable podcast which chats all things #MumHacks to daily struggles. Expect famous guests from both traditional media and the social media sphere. Warning: very binge-worthy! 
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7) Happy Mum, Happy Baby

Happy Mum, Happy Baby is the official podcast of Giovanna Fletcher. Through-out her episodes she continues to talk about motherhood, a theme which started in her book, also titled Happy Mum, Happy Baby.
Within each episode Giovanna talks to a range of high-profile parents about all aspects of parenting, through all the highs and lows that each day can bring. 
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8) Happy Place

Fearne Cotton's latest venture, happy place is a podcast based on finding mindfulness in order to be happy. Whilst this podcast isn’t strictly parenting based it does give a good message to both mums and dads everywhere. Within each episode she talks with high profile guests about what makes them happy in life. This podcast will help parents take the time they need to find the positives in daily life. 
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9) Beardy Dads 

This podcast is also one based around the life of a dad. These fathers discuss all aspects of life with young children. No topic is off limits as in each episode they gently discuss (or sometimes rant) and various topics from baby weaning to middle names and Postman Pat. Every dad will be able to relate to these ups and downs of paternal life.
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10) The Birthful Podcast

Fed up of outdated pregnancy and birthing advice? Then this podcast could be for you. Host Adriana Lozasda gives only the relevant information expectant parents need and shares informative and empowering birthing stories. Listeners claim the podcast is helpful after birth too
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11) The Parent Hood 

A world away from internet searches, this podcast by Marina Fogle and Dr Chiara Hunt gives answers to everything parents want to know about, from child reflux, nits or worries about going back to work. 
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12) Bump Club

The Bump Club is a 22 episode series created by the BBC’s Five Live. The podcast, presented by Tony Livesey, Edith Bowman and Colin Murray, follows a group of expecting mum through their pregnancies. Within each episode they openly discuss a wide range of topics from stay–at–home dads and the cost of having a child to discussions on IVF treatment. 
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13) AT Parenting Survival Podcast

If you’re parenting a child that suffers from anxiety or OCD then look no further for advice. Host Natasha Daniels who works as a child therapist teaches parenting approaches that specifically target these conditions. She also aims to offer a new perspective on common parenting problems

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Written by Olivia Elliott



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