7 yummy foods that help prevent toddler tantrums

by Joshua Calton-Weekes |

If you had a bar of chocolate for breakfast you’d probably be crashing by 9am. So don’t overlook the impact your child’s diet can have on his behaviour. If he’s regularly flinging himself on the floor, his meals could need a makeover.

Knowing which foods can have a positive effect on your child could make it easier to keep him relaxed and focused. ‘As adults, we know it’s important to eat regularly to maintain concentration and mood, but this is just as important for children,’ says Amanda Ursell, author of Baby And Toddler Food Bible (£11.99, Waterstones).

So, as well as ensuring your tot is fed regularly, add these to the menu for a happier, (almost) tantrum-free little one.

7 foods that can help prevent toddler tantrums

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1) Porridge

A bowl of porridge or another oat-based cereal can be a healthy breakfast and a great way for your toddler to start the day,
‘Oats release their energy slowly, so his energy levels don’t shoot up like a rocket after breakfast and crash down soon after, causing him to feel hungry, moody, and more prone to tantrums,’ says M&B nutritionist Lowri Turner.
Oats can also make him feel relaxed. ‘They’re a source of glutamic acid, which the body uses to make a brain chemical called gaba – an anti-anxiety substance,’ says Lowri.

Try adding raisins, grated apple or fresh strawberries for some natural sweetness.

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