How to prepare your child for a trip to the dentist

by Joshua Calton-Weekes |

How to reassure and familiarise your toddler with the dentist’s chair so she knows what to expect on D-day.

While we’re all guilty of prioritising absolutely anything at all over a dreaded dentist check-up (gulp), appointments at your toddler’s age are really just about making sure everything’s progressing OK – and they give you a chance to ask any questions about looking after her teeth.

If she’s nervous about the visit, add these tasks to your to-do list.

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1) Take her with you

Bring your child to your own check-ups so she gets used to what happens – although maybe not if you’re in for a heavy-duty root canal.

"You don’t want to frighten her, but a general appointment can familiarise her with the sounds and smells," says Karen Coates, dental advisor for The British Dental Health Foundation.

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