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How to talk to your kids about Black History Month

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Black history month

The month of October marks Black History Month in the UK. A time when we celebrate and recognise the achievements of Black people in Britain. 

With BHM being such an important topic to talk openly about with your child and/or children, we caught up with Mumfluencer and owner of Chic and Discreet, Chaneen Saliee to help us all learn more and celebrate different cultures.

Mother&Baby Mumlist 2020 winner Chaneen says: "I think it's important for children to hear about history. It's particularly important to let all children see a range of different black figures from our history. Yes, the iconic Americans but also the figures we ourselves may have to do some extra research to find. There's a book called 'Not Just Singing and Dancing' that comes to mind.

"It's also important to continue the conversation outside of Black History Month so that black children feel heard and seen always. Most importantly, it's vital to remind children that there is a wealth of beautiful black history outside of schools in the UK and America. The history in a lot of African countries tell a vastly different story about who black people were and how their experiences are different." 

Teaching our children about Black History Month

Ways in which we can teach our children is through talking to them and helping them learn through things like reading books. We want all our children to recognise what Black History Month is, by asking them what they know already about this celebration and to check in that they know October is dedicated to highlighting this recognition so we can take what we learn and celebrate all year round.

We love this video created by CBeebies of dads speaking with their daughters about what Black History Month means to them. 

Depending on how old your child is, they might want to ask more questions about Black history. If not, they may prefer to, in addition to as we mention reading books, perhaps they would rather watch some films to help them understand further.

Consuming ourselves in knowledge as adults and passing on this to our children is key to help shape the children of our future and to teach them diversity and inclusion is of utmost importantance.


We've put together some useful resources that could help your child learn more about Black history. 

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