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Fuel your busy routine with Phizz’s 2-in-1 multivitamin hydration tablets

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For many parents, finding a balanced healthy routine between work, play and raising a house full of kids can be tough. Monday morning hits and it is as if our mind is programmed to click the survival mode button and somehow, we manage to push through. As soon as that alarm goes off, we get a cup of water down and squeeze in some meditation or mindfulness exercises before embarking on our daily run or cycle before work. Fitting a snooze into that weekly routine, however, never seems to be an option!

Not to mention, coming out of lockdown and keeping to a routine has been a whole new ballgame. I don’t know about you, but not only has my sleep been horrendous (probably due to a fair few factors – navigating through a global pandemic being one of them), the confusing cold weather, snowy mornings and sunny afternoons, hasn’t helped either. I used to be able to fit in a run or have a decent breakfast away from my desk before doing the early morning nursery drop-off. Nowadays, I seem to be all over the place – behind on my work schedule, tired, and no mornings to myself.

This is where Phizz, ‘the lovechild of Berroca and Lucozade,’ comes into play. Simply put, it is a vitamin energy drink used by professional sports teams across the UK designed to turbo-charge hydration. With over 400 Amazon reviews with an average 4.4 star rating, this drink is no joke. Supposedly providing the highest form of vitamins, minerals, and hydration, one of Phizz’s multivitamin tablets can hydrate your body three times more than drinking water alone. The reviews are promising, but does it perform? I thought I would drop a Phizz into my morning water and put it to the test.

Has Phizz’s multivitamin hydration tablets transformed my busy routine?

To answer the big question on everyone’s mind whether these tablets work – let’s just say, Mondays are certainly easier. Even with back-to-back meetings and a couple of hours of sleep, that little bit of extra energy goes a long way. No, I haven’t signed up to the London Landmarks Marathon nor am I ahead of my to-do list, but I can function a lot better, and my productivity has improved. Since testing Phizz, my body hasn’t given into the temptation of any afternoon WFH slumps, and I now surprisingly am able to get outdoors more often and do a run before work. It’s funny what your body can do if you hydrate and look after it properly.

What I originally thought only helped pro athletes, travel enthusiasts, and anyone needing a great hangover cure, Phizz has turned out to be just as beneficial to someone like myself. Not only has it become a much-needed addition to post-lockdown life but eased me back into a regular routine and a sense of normality. I feel better, am doing better, and my body is thanking me for it.

If you are a busy parent in need of a helping hand or a pick me up, now could not be a better time to put these hydration tablets to the test. The brand is offering a discount of £3 off any tube of Phizz at Sainsbury’s stores (buy 20 Phizz tablets for £5) from April 14 until May 4, 2021. Check out Phizz for more information. 

Phizz’s science-backed formula helps you stay hydrated while delivering 19 vitamins and minerals that provide natural energy and support immune system and brain function, recovery, and wellness. Its all-star line-up includes 375% of your daily dose of Vitamin C (the equivalent of three oranges). It also packs a self-care punch with zinc and other powerful antioxidants.

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