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11 Children’s TV Presenters You Secretly Fancy

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Kids TV presenters don't just help you cope with early mornings (6am start, anyone) and pre-dinner tantrums, but there's also the added fun of having a (mild) crush on one – yep, you're not alone.
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Mr. Bloom

Besides the hat, his habit of talking to vegetables only adds to his appeal.
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Sid Sloane

Despite leaving CBeebies *sigh* – Sid’s still a popular choice.
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CBeebies’ Andy

It’s not just you that’s been dreaming about doing the number rap with Andy!
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Mr. Tumble

Okay, we’re pushing it here but sometimes you’ve got to make do…
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Mr. Maker

We don’t know whether it’s the quiff on top of his head or the fact that he’s so good with his hands...
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Little Cook

What woman wouldn’t be fascinated by a pocket-sized man who flies around on a wooden spoon?
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Chris Howard from The Green Balloon Club

We love a man that’s at one with Mother Nature.
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Milkshake!’s Derek

If you have to watch Bananas In Pjamas for the fifth time in order to hear his Irish accent, it’s a sacrifice most mums are willing to make.
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Daddy Pig

Not technically a presenter but after watching Peppa Pig on repeat for the past three hours, you’re willing to consider…
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Big Cook

It’s okay to prefer watching Big Cook, Little Cook than real recipe shows – move over Jamie Oliver.
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Dr Ranj

It could be his eyebrows. His quiff. His beaming smile. Whatever... the Get Well Soon doc is definitely up there with our favourites.

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