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12 Signs You’re A Rebel Parent

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When it comes to parenting, you set your own agenda. Of course, you want to do your best for your little one, and keep her safe and happy, but sometimes it’s OK to break the rules…
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You’ve given your toddler fruit juice…

…And not diluted it. Whoops.
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You put a chocolate biscuit in your pre-schooler’s lunch box

Well, she deserves a treat alongside the organic veggie sticks and fruit salad.
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You’ve decided not to do party bags for your toddler’s second birthday.

It’s basically a bag of sugar highs and choking hazards that get strewn around the house, right?
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You give your baby screen time

Whoever decided that children under two should have no screen time at all obviously hadn’t realised the power of Peppa Pig on the iPad.
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Your toddler still has a bottle at bedtime

Experts call it an unnecessary sleep crutch, but it makes the difference between a happy bedtime and a nightmare evening, so that’s a no-brainer…
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You’re not fussed about sharing

Instead of running over and frantically telling your baby to ‘shaaaaaaarrree’ when she grabs a toy off another baby, you figure she’ll soon get bored and the other baby will get his turn. We don’t share all our stuff, do we?
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This Saturday you will be doing… absolutely nothing!

You sit and read a book on the sofa while your toddler plays with her toys. No enforced music classes, ballet or baby zumba. And you know what? Your little one loves it.
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Sometimes you ignore the bath, teeth and bedtime story routine

When you’ve had one of those days, sometimes the best thing for both of you is to just put your little one straight to bed.
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You let your child make her own friends

No amount of playdates with your best friend is going to persuade your daughter to be pals with her (bitey) child. She’s happy with her nursery friends, and as long as she’s happy, you’re happy.
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You don’t follow the gender ‘rules’

Yep, your three-year-old son likes to wear fairy wings to nursery, while your two year old daughter thinks she’s Spiderman. And...?
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You let your pre-schooler play with swords

Whether you give him a toy one, or he finds a stick that’s shaped like a sword, he’s going to end up playing pirates or knights, so why worry about it?
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You take your toddler to the pub

It’s a child-friendly one, with a playground in the garden, but you still get filthy looks from the old regulars. Who you just smile at sweetly.

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