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13 Signs You’re A Hipster Parent

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Reading this may already be too mainstream for you. Sit back with a flat white and see how many of these you recognise…
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Your baby rocks a mullet

Your little one has the best haircut in town. Just don’t mention the blue hair dye experiment. [Corbis]
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You’re raising your baby on vinyls

While most babies are dancing around to mere CDs, your little one is having an education in the wonder of old school LPs. [Corbis]
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Your tot's already an indie fashion god

With more band T-shirts than the average Rolling Stones-obsessed teen, your little one looks waaaaay cuter, too. [Corbis]
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You’re a Polaroid pro

Never mind the iPhone app, you take photos of your baby on actual '80s 'polis'… [Corbis]
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You’re a leader, not a follower…

Forget toddler music sessions, you mix things up by hanging out at Baby Loves Disco with your little one. [Corbis]
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You go on hip holidays

A weekend in France? Pah! You take the family to Glastonbury for a break. Let’s face it, your baby's soundproofing headphones were ready before she was born. [Corbis]
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Of course your toddler eats chicken nuggets…

They do a great version at the pop-up organic café in Hackney. That also does the best polenta chips. [Corbis]
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Your baby's name is so in, no one knows it's cool yet

Yep, it won't be found in any top 10 list any time soon. So what if granny still can’t pronounce it properly? [Corbis]
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You're bringing her up on 80s telly

Peppa and Tree Fu Tom don’t get airtime in your house. Instead you’re educating your tot on the best of retro with repeats of Sonic the Hedgehog and Super Mario.
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You're so eco

You get your little one from A to B on a trailer attached to the back of your vintage bike. [Corbis]
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You've mastered that 'my toddler just threw it together' look

It definitely makes it a lot easier to get ready quickly for nursery in the mornings… [Corbis]
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You’re planning to start your own free school

First on the agenda? Ukulele lessons and impromptu jam sessions for all. [Corbis]
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Your baby owns an 'I hate hipsters' T-shirt

In that classic ironic, not-ironic way. [Corbis]

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