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14 cliché Facebook statuses all mums are guilty of

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The gushing declarations of love. The boastful statuses. The over-sharing. Yep, all mums are guilty of the odd clichéd Facebook status.

Remind you of anyone?

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1) The blow-by-blow account of your baby’s precious moments

You devote whole albums of your baby’s first steps/sneeze/laugh/bike ride.

One photo simply doesn’t portray how proud you are. Or how incredibly skilled that commando crawl is.
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2) Look at my little angel!

Every mum likes to show off photos of their little one to the world… so what if it’s 20 times a day? Your photogenic little one’s a model in the making!
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3) The glass of wine update

You get so little time to yourself these days, having a glass of wine is worth it’s own status.
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4) The gushy declaration of love

Your family life is a picture of perfection (posted just before the bub vomited on your new Topshop dress, little do they know).
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5) The GP/dentist’s waiting list scorn

Nothing incites anger as much as a waiting list – especially when your little one needs an appointment asap.
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6) The baby weight rant

"I can’t believe I’m still not back in my skinny jeans!" Yep you’re not alone.

Even celebrities Kim Kardashian are guilty of the social media baby weight rant, usually followed by vows of renewing your gym membership.
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7) The night feed

"I’M SO TIRED!" The classic sleep-induced 3am status. Except none of your childless friends are still up to offer you sympathy…
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8) The "is this normal?" questions

Facebook is the best place to air your concerns about runny noses/your child’s fussy diet/your post baby body. Nothing is too personal these days…
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9) The proud mum boast

Whether your little one managed to get a place in the sought-after playgroup or reached a milestone two weeks early – your inner competitive ‘momager’ rears its head now and again.
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10) The ‘earth mother’

Absolutely everything is homemade and only organic will do. Regularly posts pictures of delicious dinners and crafty homemaking.
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11) The yummy mummy

Make up done. Boden outfit on. Instagram filter at the ready. Only your nearest and dearest know the truth that you spend most of your time in your favourite joggers and misshaped T-shirt.
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12) The pleas for help

Your little one refuses to go to sleep and you’re running out of ideas.
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13) The "do you have a number for XX?"

No time to Google. You’re on the go and Facebook will have to do.
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14) The supermum status

You’re on the way to the office and you’ve already managed a spin class, family breakfast and the school run. You’ve got your work/life balance down!

What statuses are familiar to you? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter!

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