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8 times Katie Hopkins was brutally savage towards parents

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Mum of three Katie Hopkins has made some pretty outrageous comments lately, particularly passing judgement on other parents. We’ve compiled her top eight most famous mum sneers that have got you all talking.

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1. Katie’s views on children’s names

Katie’s first notorious jab at parents was when she outlined the children’s names she hates during a debate on This Morning. ‘We don't achieve best friend status with Chardonnay,’ said Katie. ‘Someone named after a wine is not coming through our home.’ Image from REX.
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2. Katie’s views on shared custody

Katie recently opened up about her views on shared custody in her Yahoo! column. ‘Custody is a place we put drunks on a Saturday night. It was never designed as a holding pen for children – shunted endlessly between parents that hate each other.’ Image from REX.
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3. Katie’s views on PTA mums

Katie isn't a fan of mums who are involved in their child’s school’s Parent Teachers Association‘Avoid the Parent Teachers Association mum at all cost,’ said Katie in her Yahoo! Blog post. Having given up a job she loved for her kids, PTA mum has found her calling as head of the Parent Teachers Association… Smug doesn’t even come close.’ Image from REX.
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4. Katie’s views on eco mums

Even economical mums weren't spared Katie’s wrath. ‘Eco-mum cycles to school with unwashed children clinging to the framework of her bike, helmet stuck to her egg white washed hair,’ wrote the columnist in one of Yahoo! columns. ‘Feel pity for the kids.’ Image from REX.
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5. Katie’s views on stay-at-home dads

If your partner’s a stay at home dad, it be best to spare him from this comment. ‘Imagining sex with dad-mum makes you gag in your mouth,’ said Katie in her Yahoo! column. ‘Someone needs to tell him to grow a pair and man the hell up.’ Image from REX.
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6. Katie’s views on ‘fat’ mums

‘Fat mum does drop off and pick up without ever actually leaving the car and belches out her fat kids in a cloud of cigarette smoke and crisp packets,’ said Katie in her Yahoo! column. ‘Stare opened mouthed at her sheer size wearing only lycra and a sneer.’ Ouch. Image from REX.
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8. Katie’s views on Sam Bailey

Tweeting during the X Factor final last year, Katie even verbally attacked winner-and-mum- Sam Bailey, branding her a ‘fat mum in a jumpsuit’. Image from REX.
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8. Katie’s views on co-sleeping

According to Katie, attachment parents chose to sleep in the same bed as their baby because ‘they never really grew out of having dollies did they?’ Image from REX.

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