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20 hilarious made-up words you start using when you become a mum

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Mums have their very own language when it comes to parenting - mumspeak. ‘Poonami’, ‘mombie’ and ‘niplash’ are among the funniest phrases used by modern parents, and we bet you'll relate to all of them.

According to a study commissioned by, 84% of parents frequently use mumspeak and moree than a third (35 per cent) admit to using the secret slang so their child doesn’t understand what they really mean (e.g. adult headache - code for a hangover!). 

How many do you use?

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1. Mum Bun

A typical mum hairstyle
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2. Winging it

Doing your best when everyone else seems to be more organised.
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3. Poonami

Poo explosion...
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4. Threenager

3 going on 13
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5. Sniff Test

Checking if the baby really needs a change.
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6. Mombie

A mum exhausted through lack of sleep.
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7. Flying Solo

Coping on your own.
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8. Mum boss

A mum in charge
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9. Going to bed early

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10. The Handover

Passing the baby to your partner as soon as they get home.
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11. Velcro Baby

A clingy baby
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12. iParenting

Using a tablet to keep your child quiet
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13. Niplash

When a breastfeeding baby twists their head without letting go of your nipple...ouch
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14. Freezer Tapas

 Serving up whatever you can find in the freezer
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15. Adult headache

A hangover
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16. Musical beds

When kids change beds all night long
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17. Beige Rainbow

Ready-made playdate food like chicken nuggets and chips
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18. Mum spa

Opening the dishwasher
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19. Deja poo

When the baby fills the nappy for the 20th time that day
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20. Ginwag

Catching up on the gossip over a glass of gin.


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