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Teachers reveal the worst school packed lunches they've ever seen

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Coming up with packed lunch ideas and making sure your little one has a nutritionally balanced meal can be tricky business.

Whether your kids have a dairy intolerance, are gluten-free or just plain fussy, we know it can be a minefield.

The Children's Food Trust recommends a packed lunch box containing a portion of meat, starchy carbohydrate, fruit, veg, dairy and either water or a low sugar fruit juice to drink. 

However, this isn't always possible and not every child is sent to school with a healthy lunch. Several teachers have revealed to The Mirror Online the absolute worst school packed lunches they have ever seen.

You won't believe some of the food they found inside...

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Pringles and a big bar of Milka

One teaching assisstant discovered a pupil who only had a tub of pringles and a family-size bar of Milka. It sounds delicious but it might not be the best thing to set you up for the day!
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A cold McDonalds happy meal 

One child was sent to school with a Happy Meal complete with a cold burger and chips inside. Apparently, the child hadn't eaten it the night before and their family didn't want it to go to waste!
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A packet of ginger biscuits

One boy said he only had a packet of ginger biscuits because his mummy was too tired to go to the shops.
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A can of Redbull and a packet of Monster Munch

One pupil had simply a can of Redbull and some Monster Munch. Apparently, the boy had been up all night playing on his Xbox and his parents thought he might need a pick-me-up!
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Fruit cider

Another child had arrived at school with some fruit cider which he took from the fridge without realising it was alcoholic!
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A pork pie and a can of shandy

A primary school pupil turned up with just a pork pie and a can of shandy for lunch! The little boy told his teacher that he had made his lunch himself with whatever was in the fridge at home. Very impressive.
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A pot noodle

This parent clearly assumed their child would have access to boiling water in order to make their pot noodle edible. However, the teacher revealed the child was in year one!
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Two packs of Jaffa Cakes and a tin of baked beans

One pupil had a savoury and a sweet option covered - baked beans and jaffa cakes. Both delicious and filling options but we don't think they are right nutritionally and they probably wouldn't taste so good in combination!

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