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Hilarious white lies we bet your parents told you when you were small

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A huge part of parenting is keeping your kids satisfied. They will do anything to keep us entertained and quiet, with no questions asked. And we bet they never would have thought we'd discover the many, many lies they told us when we were children. 

Thanks to social media, the lies (that seemed so true) our parents told us has been trending with the hashtag #LiesYourParentsToldYou and it has taken over our lives. 

Do you recognise any of these hilarious fibs from your childhood? 


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1) Me: Are we there yet? Them: Almost.

You've been in the car for what feels like 10 hours, and you just want to get there. Every time you say "Are we there yet?" they respond with: "not long now" and "only ten minutes to go." We know for a fact that both have been said at least five times.
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2) Don’t swallow your gum or it will be stuck in your body for years!

At last! I'm finally allowed to chew some gum in peace. Wrong. Just to burst your bubble, they go on about making sure you don't swallow that piece of gum as it will be stuck inside you FOREVER. Thanks a lot. 
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3) “On the way back we can buy it”

What does every child love to do on a Saturday? A family trip to ASDA. You drag your mum and dad to the toys section because this is the only good thing that can come out of this afternoon. You spot the newest Sylvanian Families collection set and beg, beg, beg. Surprise, surprise, they say no, and it's back to the vegetable aisle. They see you are bored and frustrated, so they give you the tiniest bit of hope by saying: "on the way back, we can buy it." When did that ever happen? 
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4) When relatives gave you money and they said "I'll hold that money for you" and never getting it back

`This weekend it's a visit to your grandparents' house. You're asked a million questions, offering an endless supply of biscuits and juice, and if you're lucky, you'll get some pocket money. They say: "do you want me to hold that for you, darling?" At the time, you're grateful, but looking back, you wonder how many times you actually got your money back. 
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5) The robins will tell Santa "no presents" if you carry on being naughty!

Whenever you bickered with your brothers and sisters or complained about a tiny thing during the lead up to Christmas, your parents would say "the robins are watching, they'll tell Santa 'no presents for those two!" 
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6) "We're going home in five minutes, hold on."

Another lie you'll be familiar with is: "We're going home in five minutes, hold on." and 2 hours later, nobody has moved an inch. 
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7) You'll get square eyes if you sit too close to the TV

"You'll get square eyes if you sit too close to the TV" they would say. But what they don't know is that you're only sitting close to the TV to get the perfect view of your favourite film! Right?
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8) If you keep making that face, it will be stuck like that forever

"Dad, look what I can do!" You show him that you have mastered the ultimate party trick and can finally go cross-eyed. But apparently, if you keep making that face it will be stuck like that forever. Let me have some fun, please. 
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9) If you sneeze with your eyes open, they will fall out

A popular fib you will definitely recognise is: "if you sneeze with your eyes open, they will actually fall out." 
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10) Don't turn the light on, it's illegal!

Ahh, another very long car journey and you're bored. So you start to play with the lights in the back of the car. "Don't turn the lights on!" they would say as if it was the biggest crime EVER. 

Which lie do you remember the most from your childhood? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter!

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