11 really weird parenting traditions from around the world

by Georgina Terry |

There are as many ways of raising children as there are parents, but naps in the freezing cold? Seven-year-olds alone on the tube? Babies peeing to the sound of a whistle? Some of these parenting tips from around the world seem plain barmy, at first.

But if they produce children who’ll eat anything, who can socialise confidently with adults, and are HAPPY, heck - maybe we could learn a thing or two from these seemingly weird ideas.

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1) In China they’re potty about potty training

The Chinese are obsessed with potty training and start their babies as early as one month old. They use low whistles and blow when they think the baby is about to urinate, holding her over the sink. Eventually, the baby will associate the sound of the whistle with weeing and go on command, Pavlov's dog style.

Sounds nuts, but Chinese kids are potty trained from about nine months, so show us the whistle.

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