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Finding being a parent tougher than expected (or admit)? Take comfort in the fact that you’re not alone…

A new survey has revealed that a huge number of new parents are covering up how hard they’re finding parenthood.

The poll of 1,000 mums and dads, conducted by online retailer Kiddicare, found that 90 per cent of new parents said they’re ‘doing fine’ when it’s not true.

Of those polled, 79 per cent said they found their baby’s first three months much more difficult than they anticipated and 84 per cent think that parenthood is harder now than it used to be – despite all of the help, advice and parenting gadgets available.

Almost half of the women polled admitted they don’t even like asking for help from family and friends because they think it shows they can’t cope. And a mammoth 98 per cent said they would like to receive more honest advice and information pre-baby. 

The survey’s results have prompted Kiddicare to launch a new website to encourage parents to help one another, with support from new mum and TV presenter Katie Piper, Paralympic cyclist Dame Sarah Storey and The Apprentice finalist Claire Young.

Find out what these celeb dads say about parenting and don’t forget to get involved in our Wednesday Lunch Club for help and advice from a different parenting expert each week.

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