The best baby car mirrors to keep a close eye on your youngster 2022

by Emily Thorpe |

When you’re with your baby, it’s likely you rarely have your eyes off them - but when you’re travelling in the car and need to concentrate on driving and the road ahead, things become a little more complicated.

This is where a baby mirror is incredibly useful in keeping your baby safe. Usually attached to a car seat head, baby car mirrors offer a wide-angle view of your baby’s rear-facing car seat so you can keep a close eye on how your baby is doing at those times you need a bit of reassurance.

We’ve tried and tested the best baby car safety products for you – from the best booster seats and car organisers, now we’ve found the best baby car mirrors. So, whether you’re an expecting mum wondering whether to get one or a new mum who needs some reassurance, we have all the options for you.

Deals on baby car mirrors

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Why do I need a baby car mirror?

In line with UK laws, parents can only use a front-facing car seat when their child is at least 9kg in weight. When your baby is still young and facing towards the back of your car, you may not be able to see what’s going on. This can be stressful if your baby isn’t comfortable in cars, or you want to keep an eye on them.

Even as your baby gets older and can switch to a front-facing car seat, it’s not recommended to look over your shoulder or change any mirrors in your car to view your child. No parents want to have to deal with extra stress on a journey or drive.

This is where baby car mirrors come in handy - so that you can always keep safety at the front of your mind for both you and your baby, even when your baby eventually grows out of a seat.

What types of baby car mirror are there?

There are two main types of car mirrors, which depends on what car seat you’ve already got in your car. Baby car mirrors are used with rear-view seats or front-facing seats.

Baby car mirrors made for rear-facing seats will often attach to the headrest of the backseat. This means you can peer through your rear-view mirror to see your baby through the baby car mirror. You will have to adjust the angle of your baby car mirror so that you can see the best view for you. These mirrors can come in various shapes and sizes, so you just need to get the one that works best for your car and your baby.

When you have a front-facing car seat, there are baby car mirrors that you can attach to your rear-view mirror or visor so that you can have a better line of sight without changing the angle of your car mirrors.

Which baby car mirror is the best?

So, with all this in mind - which baby car mirror do you go for? Take a look at the options we’ve rounded up below...

The best baby car mirrors

Brica by Munchkin Baby In-Sight Car Mirror

Brica by Munchkin Baby In-Sight Car Mirror

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This extra-large convex mirror offers a wide-angle, shatter-resistant view of your baby as you drive. Crash-tested and distortion-free, the soft-touch frame looks great in any car interior. You can also get this baby car mirror in various themes and colours, some with fun animals on to keep your baby entertained or even a night-light version for those travelling in the evening.

What parents have to say: “My little baby hates his car seat and cries at the beginning of all journeys, but this is a game-changer! He will still get upset but that might be after a nap and being entertained for at least a good 30-45 mins before he gets bored! Has made travelling much easier!! Worth the money!”

Dimensions: ‎4.6 x 35.7 x 29cm

Weight: 430g

Car seat: Rear-facing

ONCO Baby Car Mirror for Back Seat

Onco Baby Car Mirror

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This 100 per cent

shatterproof baby car mirror ensures your family will have the safest drive possible. The straps can be adjusted to hold it firmly in place no matter how bumpy the ride may be. A 360-degree rotation, as well as a clear and wide view,

means you can make sure that you can get the perfect angle to see your baby. There are three different attachment options that you can add to this mirror, so it won't slip out of place. Designed for rearview car seats, you can attach this to the back-seat headrest.

What parents have to say: “Well I was very impressed with the size, quality and clarity of this product. It’s absolutely fantastic. The images provided are three angles, one looking at it, one from the rearview mirror and one from the passenger sun visor mirror meaning this allows me to see my child through the mirror or a turn of the head nice and easy and allows my wife the ability to view through the sun visor nice and easy and nice and clear. Absolutely 100per cent recommend. Don't hesitate. Have used other brands from supermarkets etc before but none compare to this.”

Dimensions: 24.5 x 7 x 17.5 cm

Weight: 349g

Car seat: Rear-facing

Material: Acrylic

Halfords Backseat Baby Mirror

Halfords Backseat Baby Mirror

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Available at a bargain price, this backseat baby car mirror from Halfords attaches securely and easily to any headrest without blocking rear visibility. It pivots for the perfect angle and foam padding on the back panel will protect your headrest. The best value car mirror that provides a good view of your baby with 360-degree rotation.

What parents have to say: “I bought this mirror for both cars to keep an eye on the baby when driving on my own and now I wouldn't want to drive without it. The straps secure it very well to the headrest. It's definitely plastic and the adjustability is good although has a bit of flex to it. Does a good job for the price.”

Dimensions: 9.5 x 22 x 24cm

Car seat: Front-facing and rear-facing

Taf Toys Koala in Car Play Centre

Taf Toys Koala in Car Play Centre

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Not only does this offer a high-quality baby-safe curved mirror for rear-facing babies but it will keep them entertained during the journey thanks to rattling soft activity toys which include a crinkling rainbow, rattling Kimmy the Koala and chime bell Scotty the Snail with a baby teether. You can get various themes of the Taf Toys Car Play Centre, and it can be adjusted to reach your baby’s height – just attach to your headrest and away you go!

What parents have to say: “Perfect! Not comfortable at all driving at first with the toys moving to the rhythm of the car but then the baby was increasingly confident to the very moment of falling asleep after a few minutes (something that was impossible before). It saved us a few journeys! The fact that the toys are adjustable is also very convenient.”

Product Dimensions: 30 x 34 x 7.3cm

Weight: 460g

Maxi-Cosi Back Seat Car Mirror

Maxi-Cosi Back Seat Car Mirror for Babies

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Quickly installed in just less than a minute by attaching the straps to the headrest of a rear seat, just use the hinge to pivot the mirror to obtain the desired viewing angle to see your baby. The slender convex shape provides a wide angle of vision of your youngster, giving you peace of mind.

What parents have to say: "Love this product. I can drive with confidence and still see my little one in the back. Instructions say to attach the mirror to the adjacent seat, but my car only has two backseat headrests, so this is not ideal, as an extra passenger would need to sit in the middle or the mirror would need to be removed. I have put this on the same headrest as my little one’s car seat. It works fine, is secure, and little one likes looking at himself. Would definitely recommend, I wouldn’t be without it."

Dimensions: 22 x 6 x 18 cm

Weight: 263g

Car seat: Rear-facing

Diono Easy View™ XXL

Diono Easy View™ XXL Baby Car Mirror

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Dioni aims to give you the best possible view of your baby thanks to its extra-wide frame and convex lens. It also has dual-mode LED lights which provides a comforting nightlight for your child. This can be activated from the driver’s seat, using the included remote control.

What parents have to say: "It has worked wonders for us. It is really secure with the cross buckles on the headrest and the light it produces is actually quite bright. So we can see our baby in the dark and be assured. The remote can clip onto the sun visor so it’s always handy and the mirror is so large you can see your whole baby. Very happy with purchase worth every penny."

Dimensions: ‎7.87 x 28.45 x 21.08 cm

Weight: 540g

Car seat: Rear-facing

How do I install a baby car mirror?

Installing a baby car mirror doesn't have to be as scary as it seems. Often, many mirrors will come with ties or straps to wrap around the car headrest, which you should be able to tighten. Make sure it's on securely so that it won't fall off or move around.

Still unsure? Take a look at this quick video below.

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