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All of the very best hair chalk for kids

The best hair chalk for kids

Does your child love dressing up or fancy dress parties? Take their creative play to the next level with the best hair chalk for kids. Select from the colours of the rainbow and transform their hair with fun shades that wash in and wash out.

Hair chalk made for kids is typically made out of non-toxic, temporary dyes with easy to use handles so that your child can get stuck in with their creativity and you don’t have to worry.

Vicky Thear, a senior colourist at SALON64, shared some advice with Mother&Baby when it comes to using hair chalk for kids. She said, “Hair chalk is a great way to experiment with hair colour for children and super easy to use! With kids constantly wanting to get creative with their own hair more and more, hair chalk is the perfect solution keeping both parent and child happy being a great temporary measure.

“Make sure that the ones you buy are non-toxic (which all should be) and be careful if your hair is particularly light and porous as the colour can stay in this type of hair a little longer than perhaps advertised.

“They are great to use for parties, festivals or to keep children entertained in the ‘new life’ we are all experiencing at the moment!”

All that's left to do now is to find the best hair chalk for kids and hit that shop button. Luckily for you, we've found some AMAZING ones with incredible reviews. 

Shop for the best hair chalks for kids

This set of ten hair chalks - five vibrant, five metallic - is perfect for a creative child looking to play around with their hair styles. Lasting around 80 applications, your child will be playing around with them all summer long. Even better, they double up as facepaints, so you can change up the way you use them.

Key features:

  • This set includes ten temporary hair chalks.
  • You'll find five vibrant and five metallic colours.
  • Can also be used as facepaints. 
  • Don't worry, these are non-allergenic and wash out easily. 


"Shows up really well on dark blonde hair, some colours are obviously better than others. Can use on dry hair, unlike other brands. Washes out fairly easy as well."

With 10 bright colours to choose from and conveniently placed on a comb, giving your little one coloured locks has never been so simple. One side to dye and one side to smooth, it’s super easy to apply and even mix colours to great your own shades!

Key features:

  • Two-in-one hair chalk comb – easy to apply and smooth.
  • Safe to use – non-toxic and water-soluble.
  • Ten bright colours to choose from.
  • Hair colours can be easily cleaned from hair with water and shampoo.


“10 years old daughter loves it. Took advice from previous comments and tried it on slightly damp hair. Despite her having dark brown hair, the colour still came through. We only tried one colour and there is plenty left for at least 2 more application.

“I would advise to use over the weekend or holiday as takes a couple of washes to fully remove. Daughter is so looking forward to Halloween this year for some fantastic hair colours.”

This kit contains 6 different temporary hair shadows which wash out when you shampoo! Adding a flair of colour has never been easier. Follow the colour-illustrated activity guide and learn how to create the latest ombre look, or why not create some vibrantly coloured highlights?

Key features:

  • Colours wash off easily when you shampoo.
  • Includes an illustrated activity guide, two hair clips and one pair of gloves.
  • Vibrant temporary colour.

Review: “I bought this for my daughter and we have had lots of fun - they are super easy to use without a lot of mess and come out with a hair shampoo quickly.”

Alex Toys has set up a great colourful set of hair chalks for any child here. Made acid and toxic-free, this is great for using in all types of hair and is also suitable for scrapbooking. Not just with hair chalks, this kit also includes a comb and hair accessories, making it really easy to get experimenting.  

Key features:

  • This fun set contains five washable hair chalk pens.
  • It has been designed for easy usage and storage.
  • This is more than just a hair chalk gift set - it also includes twenty-four beads, a beading tool, a comb and twenty-four hair elastics. 


"My daughters all liked this hair chalk. it showed up well in their hairs. it did make hair hard but they didnt care. even older girls wanted a go."

A vibrant set, we recommend using these hair chalks for dress up and fancy dress. With twelve options to chose from, including darker colours and bright colours, hair can be blended and changed as your child wishes. Mix and match for the perfect temporary hair colour.

Key features:

  • Perfect for fancy dress!
  • Hair chalk colours included in this set are metallic silver, metallic purple, metallic blue, yellow, pink and light green,
  • Will work on natural hair colours, whether it is damp or wet hair.


"This set of 6 different colours of hair chalk pens are very nicely packed in box which would make a great gift. They are easy to use and give pretty and colourful effects of temporary hair dye for your hair. They just rub onto hair and give good colour on both light and dark shades of hair. They are non toxic so make good products for kids to use to get good hair dye to add to fancy dress and party outfits."

The Buzz Art Chalk-It Hair Colouring Chalk comes with four different colours and works for all hair-types. It looks amazing, is easy to use, is not messy and is done in seconds!!! And when you want to remove the colour, just wash the hair with water.

Key features:

  • Easy to wash out with just water.
  • Bright colour without the damage.
  • Mess-free! - super clean and easy to use.
  • Works on all hair types.

If you're looking for a range of colours for a child, this pack gives you everything from metallic silver to orange or blue. A perfect option for a child's gift or great to stock up for summer fun.

Key features:

  • Fantastic idea for a gift!
  • This hair chalk pack comes with 12 colours: metallic silver, metallic purple, metallic green, metallic pink, blonde gold, metallic blue, sky-blue, orange, red, black, brown and light green.
  • Easy to use - simply damp down hair, then dab with chalk pens and blow dry hair.


"My son loves this hair chalk. Its not just for girls. Easy to apply to dry hair and is vibrant and bold colours. Easy to wash out too. Highly recommend this product. Great range of colours."

What is children’s hair chalk?

Hair chalk is a creative way to add a little colour to your child’s hair. If your child is experimental, they can choose all kinds of colours, depending on which chalk you go for. It’s a temporary and safe alternative to hair dye or spray, so your kids can get imaginative with their hair - accessible for both boys and girls.

They’re made of soft chalk pastels, literally like the ‘chalk’ you use as a kid. Many of the hair chalks made for kids are made from non-toxic and sensitive materials so that you don’t have to worry about it being too strong for their hair.

Is hair chalk safe for toddlers?

We know that all young kids want to jump onto all the new, fun things to do and with summer coming in soon, hair chalk will be popping up in shops, parties and activities.

So, how do we know if hair chalk is safe for our younger children? We’d never want any child to be left out, so making sure that your toddler can get involved too is simple and easy.

Our top tip is to ensure that you’re looking for non-toxic chalk that’s aimed at sensitivity as well as being temporary. This means that your child’s hair and skin won’t be affected, and they can change up their hair as much and often as they want, without creating any permanent effects.

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