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All of the very best hair chalk for kids

Hair chalk for kids

Does your child love dressing up or fancy dress parties? Take their creative play to the next level with the best hair chalk for kids. Select from the colours of the rainbow and transform their hair with fun shades that wash in and wash out.

Vicky Thear, a senior colourist at SALON64, gave us some advice when it comes to using hair chalk for kids. She said, “Hair chalk is a great way to experiment with hair colour for children and super easy to use! With kids constantly wanting to get creative with their own hair more and more hair chalk is the perfect solution keeping both parent and child happy being a great temporary measure.

“Make sure that the ones you buy are non-toxic (which all should be) and be careful if your hair is particularly light and porous as the colour can stay in this type of hair a little longer than perhaps advertised.

“They are great to use for parties, festivals or to keep children entertained in the ‘new life’ we are all experiencing at the moment!”

All that's left to do now is to find the best hair chalk for kids and hit that shop button. Luckily for you, we've found some AMAZING ones with incredible reviews. 

Shop for the best hair chalks for kids

Key features:

  • This set includes ten temporary hair chalks.
  • You'll find five vibrant and five metallic colours.
  • Can also be used as facepaints. 
  • Don't worry, these are non-allergenic and wash out easily. 


"Shows up really well on dark blonde hair, some colours are obviously better than others. Can use on dry hair, unlike other brands. Washes out fairly easy as well."

Key features:

  • This fun set contains five washable hair chalk pens.
  • It has been designed for easy usage and storage.
  • This is more than just a hair chalk gift set - it also includes twenty-four beads, a beading tool, a comb and twenty-four hair elastics. 


"My daughters all liked this hair chalk. it showed up well in their hairs. it did make hair hard but they didnt care. even older girls wanted a go."

Key features:

  • Kids will love the seven colourful glitter hair chalks. 
  • It comes in a protective storage tin.

We think you'll love:

How easy this set is to use - just make sure to wet the chalks before you apply this on your child's hair. 

Hair Chalk Set

£15.99 - RRP: £16.99

Key features:

  • Perfect for fancy dress!
  • Hair chalk colours included in this set are metallic silver, metallic purple, metallic blue, yellow, pink and light green,
  • Will work on natural hair colours, whether it is damp or wet hair.


"This set of 6 different colours of hair chalk pens are very nicely packed in box which would make a great gift. They are easy to use and give pretty and colourful effects of temporary hair dye for your hair. They just rub onto hair and give good colour on both light and dark shades of hair. They are non toxic so make good products for kids to use to get good hair dye to add to fancy dress and party outfits."

Key features:

  • There are 24 colours to choose from in this chalk set. 
  • These hair crayons are non-allergenic, non-toxic, water-soluble and environmentally-friendly. 
  • Hair colours can be easily cleaned from hair with water and shampoo. 


"These chalks come nicely boxed and there are lots of different colours, and different shades. They are easy to use, we find it works best on slightly damp hair. The colours are nice and strong on my daughters blonde hair."

Key features:

  • Fantastic idea for a gift!
  • This hair chalk pack comes with 12 colours: metallic silver, metallic purple, metallic green, metallic pink, blonde gold, metallic blue, sky-blue, orange, red, black, brown and light green.
  • Easy to use - simply damp down hair, then dab with chalk pens and blow dry hair.


"My son loves this hair chalk. Its not just for girls. Easy to apply to dry hair and is vibrant and bold colours. Easy to wash out too. Highly recommend this product. Great range of colours."

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