Children’s umbrellas to keep your little one dry

Children's umbrella hero

by Emily Thorpe |

Living in the UK, rain is something we're all pretty used to. It's likely you'll already have an umbrella at home ready to go when the rain starts to pour. But what about your child?

While we adults may grumble when the heavens open, our kids are a little more excited. Especially when teamed with the possibility of jumping in puddles! You may have wrestled your youngster into a raincoat, waterproof trousers and wellies, but giving them their own personal umbrella is an additional way of protecting them from the elements.

One way of ensuring they actually carry the thing rather than palm it off on you is to ensure it oozes fun. That means bright colours and fun prints and patterns. After all, who wants a boring brolly? The children's umbrellas featured in our round-up are all easy to use for your child, effortless for them to hold as well as being weight appropriate for their size.

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