Horse riding helmets to keep your child safe

by Emily Thorpe |

Whatever your child does, we've no doubt that your number one concern is their safety. And when it comes to horse riding, a horse riding helmet is a must.

If your youngster has lessons, it's likely the riding school will provide horse riding helmets but if it's a hobby your child has become invested in - or you just want peace of mind knowing they have the very best - you may want to buy your little one their very own horse riding helmet.

Riding helmets are designed to minimise any potential head injuries while horse riding and are a must for any rider. Rule 49 of the Highway Code states that "Children under the age of 14 MUST wear a helmet which complies with the regulations."

Horse riding helmet fitting guide

It's important to ensure your child's helmet fits correctly which is why your child should have their head measured and their har fitted properly when buying to make sure it is the best shape.

While it is recommended go to a reputable shop to have a new hat fitted by somebody who has had appropriate training, sometimes this is not always possible.

Here's a handy guide from Champion to walk you through what to do...

Things to think about

Riding hat standards: The British Horse Society (BHS) say: "All hats sold in Europe must be CE marked, i.e. declaring compliance with the regulations as stated in the European Directive 89/686/EEC on Personal Protective Equipment."

• Quality Assurance: Check there is a Quality Assurance Mark displayed. This provides visible evidence of "the helmet’s quality, safety and performance as defined in the specification" and shows the helmets are independently and regularly batch tested.

Buying new: It's important to buy a new helmet as it's impossible to see if the helmet might have been damanged, making it less protective to your child.

Pick a horse riding helmet only: Cycling (and motorcycle!) helmets are unsuitable and unsafe for horse riding

Caring for your child's horse riding helmet

When looked after in the correct way, a good horse riding hat can last for several years - in fact, a helmet’s maximum lifespan is five years. Be sure to keep the hat out of direct sunlight and to let it dry naturally when it gets wet. The horse riding helmet should be replaced after any falls as it can be difficult to see if and where the hat is damanged.

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