Horse riding kidswear for fun in the saddle

Child horse riding

by Emily Thorpe |

It may not be the cheapest hobby your child can partake in but there’s no denying that horse riding offers them a plethora of benefits.

As well as the obvious health and fitness benefits, horse riding can be a huge confidence booster, especially if your child is shy. It also encourages children to be more responsible and helps them to foster relationships with animals, teaching them to be kind and compassionate.

What age can children start horse riding?

Under proper supervision, children can start riding a smaller horse or pony from as young as two or three years old. Typically though, riding schools start lessons from around six.

What should my child wear for horse riding?

You should ideally wait until your child has had a few sessions of horseriding so you can be sure they want to continue. You don’t want to kit them out with all the gear only for your youngster to decide they no longer want to go have a lesson or two.

To begin with, all your child needs to wear is a pair of stretchy leggings or close-fitting trousers. Avoid jeans as they are uncomfy to ride in. Along with this, your child will want a close-fitting t-shirt or top, jumper or jacket.

Your riding school should be able to provide your child with a hard hat and a body protector. It’s worth checking if they offer gloves too as reins can be painful on hands big and small after a while.

Once you’re sure your child will be horse riding regularly, you may want to invest in some horse riding kidswear for them to wear including the following:

• Jodhpurs

• Baselayer top

• A waterproof jacket

• A helmet

• Boots

Here’s some inspiration to get you started...

Horse riding kidswear

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