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The best boxing gloves for kids

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Does your kid drive you up the wall with all that extra energy? Mums know better than anyone how hyperactive children can get, which is why it is crucial for kids to have some sort of outlet.

Channelling their energy into any kind of sport will usually do the trick, but even more so if your little one has shown an interest in martial arts, such as boxing or kickboxing. Sports like boxing can also teach children important lessons on work ethic, while also helping them learn to accept defeat, leading to a more well-rounded individual in the long run. 

While boxing might sound scary at first, with the correct equipment, such as high-quality boxing gloves, you have nothing to worry about. We've made life easy by rounding up the best kids' boxing gloves on the market, so you don't have to. Start shopping below. 


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At what age should kids start boxing?

According to the experts, no age is too young for kids to learn the fundamentals, but it might be a while until they gain the coordination and necessary motor skills to actually start sparring. If you're having doubts, it's always best to ask a qualified boxing teacher or even a PE teacher at school. 

Don't forget to pick up some boxing shorts too!

Best kids boxing gloves:

Editor's pick

When it comes to boxing gear, you can trust that the experts over at RDX know what they're doing. This pair of boxing gloves is made from maya hide leather, meaning they'll resist cracks, tears and splits, no matter how often they're used. The foam padding inside is designed to prevent impact, and the hook and loop straps allow for easy fastening, making them even more child-friendly.

Review: "I purchased these for my eight-year-old son who is just starting to have an interest in boxing and these were perfect, they are designed lovely, quite high quality and comfy on his hands. He doesn’t complain about them being heavy or anything and he absolutely loves them!"

Key specifications:

• Made of maya hide leather

• Foam padding

• Perforated holes

• Thumb support 

• Hook and loop strap


Another great option for up-and-coming boxers, this pair of gloves is ideal for kids between three and eight-years-old. The tri-layered mould ensures their young hands stay protected, resisting the impact of force. The perforations placed on the palm also allow for ventilation and prevent sweating. 

Review: "Bought these for my 3.5 year old daughter as she wanted to start boxing with daddy. They are great quality and although still a tad big they do the job and will last years to come :)"

Key specifications:

• Made from high-quality synthetic leather 

• Tri layered mould 

• Strategically placed perforations



We love that this next option is available in five different colours to suit every child's preference - and we know how picky they can be! Made of synthetic leather with a gel lining, this pair will last you a long time and protect your kiddo's hands from impact. Suitable for children between the ages of five to 13-years-old.

Review: "Ordered for my 11-year-old son. He started boxing training and wanted his own gloves. These are great. He has said they are very comfortable and loves them. Highly recommend :)"

Key specifications:

• Made of synthetic leather

• Gel lining and multi-layered foam padding 

Best for Spiderman fans

Have your little one feeling like a proper superhero as they put on these Spiderman-inspired gloves. They're lightweight, shock-absorbing and have a mesh interior for extra ventiliation.

Review: "Bought these for my 3-year-old daughter. They're a little big but getting Spiderman gloves was more the priority than size for her! Really good quality, picture is really clear, really happy with the purchase."

Key specifications:

• Made of high quality maya leather

• Lightweight 

• Shock-absorbing 

• Ventilation holes

• Hook and loop fastening


This premium set of boxing gloves is perfect for Muay Thai, boxing, kickboxing and any other combat sport your little one is involved in. They're available in five colours and come in two sizes. 

Review: "Really cute little boxing gloves, perfect for starting Muay....Great fit, easy to fasten, decent quality, nice cushioning."

Key specifications: 

Made of high-grade PU leather

• Breathable material

• Wrist and knuckle protection 


Best value

Your little one will have fun hitting pads in this cool pair of camo gloves. The material is durable, and a three-layer foam filler will ensure no injury on impact. Suitable from five to 12-years-old. 

Review: "My 5 and 3-year-old had a pair each and have both had loads of fun hitting the pads and bag copying their dad. Admittedly I only got them for my little girl so she wasn’t left out, even though she loves them. But they a perfect fit for my boy plus a little bit of growing room too 👍🏼"

Key specifications:

• Made of high quality synthetic leather

• Three-layer padding 

• Breathable mesh palm

• Wide strap

Best for colour options

Help them blow off some steam with this pair of 'Bad Kids' boxing gloves. This pair offers proper wrist support, is made of premium synthetic leather and contains mesh holes for proper ventilation. Available in multiple colours and sizes.

Review: "Good size, quality good too. Quite light. Would suggest to go for a 8oz for a boy Between 8-10."

Key specifications:

• Made of premium synthetic leather

• Provide wrist support

• Breathable mesh for ventilation


Another great pair by RDX, these gloves will stand the test of time thanks to their high-quality maya hide leather construction. The attached thumb support will help prevent injuries, and the densely packed Pu-Mold delivers resistance against impact.

Review: "Bought these for my daughter for kickboxing. Feel good quality, fit nicely and look good."

Key specifications: 

• Made of maya hide leather

• Quadro Dome PU-Mold

• Aerated holes

• Hook and loop strap

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