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The best Valentine’s Day gifts for the whole family

All mums need to be spoiled on Valentine’s Day, whether you are expecting or have a brood running around the house already. Here are some of our favourite Valentine’s gifts, whether you are buying or simply leaving hints for your other half... hint hint!

We've also included a few Valentine's gifts for your boyfriend or husband, although we know getting Mum a pressie is more important...

Being little doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the fun of V-day, so we’ve also included a few loving presents for your baby and toddler too. 

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OK, not the cheapest of Valentine’s teddies for your tiny tot but certainly the cutest and the very best quality. And a bear is for life, not just for Valentine’s Day.
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If she’s feeling stressed and tired – like most new mums, if we’re honest – consider the gift of pampering. This set contains a Nourish, Breath & Calm Hand Balm, Real Luxury Travel Candle and a Real Luxury Bath & Shower Oil, using 100% natural fragrances. Neom uses essential oils including lavender, jasmine, and Brazilian rosewood, for truly decadent scents.

You can combine up to four different birthstones (the gemstone that’s connected to your month of birth) for a family heirloom that’s as gorgeous as it is meaningful. Unsure of your stone? January is garnet, February amethyst, March jasper, April diamond, May emerald, June turquoise, July ruby, August moonstone, September chrysolite, October opal, November topaz and December bloodstone. 

A Valentine’s gift that just keeps on giving. Make cookies with the kids all year round with this ‘made with love’ stamp.
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Count on Jojo Maman Bébé to make the most beautiful babywear, and this super-soft white and pink heart sleepsuit is no exception. Baby love on Cupid’s Day.

Is there any better way to show your love than to give the gift of sea salt truffles covered in thick Belgian milk chocolate? If there is, we don’t want to know it.

How adorable will baby look in these heart-festooned pram shoes? Wear with love.

Want to wow her for a full year? This box of dates is a winner. Each one contains 26 envelopes for date night ideas to enjoy together. They vary from special silver envelopes for strictly baby-free nights, as well as other colours for simple at-home ideas to help you reconnect. Even better, 10% of each sale goes to help The Smile Group – a charity helping parents cope with postnatal depression.

An elegant rose quartz beaded bracelet, designed to be moved from wrist to wrist, to remind a breastfeeding mum which side she’s most recently fed the baby. Rose quartz is a semi-precious stone that’s supposed to evoke feelings of love and affection.

This selection of treats is designed to help promote sleep – something that’s oh-so important when you’re a new parent. Inside she’ll find a facemask, shower gel, bubble bath, body butter and an eye mask. The products are infused with lavender and midnight flower fragrances to help promote a peaceful night’s zzz. Now all she needs is for you to take the baby so she can put it to good use.

For a gift with serious ‘ahh’ factor, appeal to her sentimental side with a sweet necklace that combines your family’s names.  Made with up to three rings, you could choose to include your name, hers and the baby’s, or any other family combo. It’s available in sterling silver, 18ct yellow gold or 18c rose gold, with various other customisable details too.

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