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The best books for children aged 3 to 5

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Reading to children aged between three and five is very important, as they'll either be starting Primary school soon, or they'll be in their first year at school already.

Between these reading ages they'll start to understand that pictures and printed words are different, and they might start asking what the printed words say. Books with rhyming words are great for getting children to remember phrases and sentences, and they might start making predictions about what happens in the book too. 

It might be a good idea to start introducing books with morals too, as it will help children to develop social skills and understanding just in time for starting school.

Take a look at our pick of books for children between the ages of 3 and 5...

Your little ones will love meeting Moo and her crew in this wonderful book that encourages children to ask questions in order to learn about the world.

A beautiful message to give children to help them feel good about themselves and their bodies, because they really are perfect the way they are.

Bernards found a monster in the garden, but mum and dad are too busy to notice! Find out how Bernard tries to make friends with the monster. 

This imaginative book will have children in fits of giggles. What colourful solution will they come up with to solve the crayon-based crisis? 

The Koala Who Could is a funny rhyming story about overcoming worries and dealing with change. It's perfect to read to children who might be starting nursery or school soon!

Press Here

£8.49 - RRP: £11.99

This remarkable book triggers a magical journey of colour, imagination and virtual interactivty - all at the push of a yellow button! It's a book that's super refreshing in today's digital age.

This book has a wonderful message for children! Join Mouse on his quest to be heard like the roar of a Lion, where he soon discovers that your size doesn't matter, it's the size of your heart that does.

Empathy is a very important social skill for children to learn. So follow a little person called Quinn, who models the meaning of empathy in this beautifully illustrated book. 

This sweet book is all about the arrival of a baby brother or sister and all the silly ways your little one can bond with bump. So if you're expecting, this book is perfect to get your child excited about the new arrival! 

Children will love this book, because who can go to sleep without their favourite bear? Follow Bear on his adventure back to Tom! 

What do you get if you cross a sheep with a rabbit? That would be a shabbit of course! This silly book will charm the whole family and get a lot of giggles. 

Up and Down

£5.99 - RRP: £6.99

With a dream to fly, the Penguin sets out into the world to achieve his dream. This book is a lovely story about friendship and following your dreams, little ones will love it! 

Learning the alphabet can be tricky, so this book of stories for each letter of the alphabet is a great pick! From an Astronaut who's afraid of heights to how many Elephants fit inside an envelope? It's a lovely way to learn. 


£5.94 - RRP: £6.99

What would you child do if they got their kite stuck in a tree? Kids will love guessing what the little boy will throw up next - and you can even get your older children to explain why a pot of paint wouldn't work! 

This hilarious picture book covers the do's and dont's when it comes to babysitting, only this time its the child in charge of Grandad! It's a delightful story that children will love. 

What are your children's favourite books? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter!

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