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The best books to buy for four year olds

The best books to buy for four year olds

Helping your child to read simple words and sentences can help them feel a little more relaxed and a lot more excited about starting Primary school.

Reading can help children understand basic skills that are needed to help them boost their confidence and feel ready to tackle a new milestone. By reading with them or letting them sit and read alone, it's a great way to get them prepared for school life. If you're wondering what books to buy your (not so) little one, then choosing funny stories or ones with morals is a great choice. Stories with morals helps to prepare their social skills ready for the big, wide world. 

How to support your child's reading

1) Read together at least once a day

Sitting with your child and reading the sentences together is a good way to encourage their confidence in reading, and a great way for them to learn sentence structures and how to pronounce different words. You can even ask your child to repeat the sentences back to you after you've read them out. 

2) Have a quiet reading time

Even if your little one isn't quite ready to read by themselves, it's a good idea to let them sit with their books so that they can practice holding them the right way up and turning pages. It even gives them the opportunity to explore the illustrations in the book. A good way to encourage them to enjoy the quiet reading time is by sitting with them and reading your own book too, whether it's a magazine or your favourite novel. 

3) Start learning the alphabet

Most children start to learn the alphabet between the ages of four and five, and might be confident in spelling their own name. When reading, ask them to point out different letters or words that are on the page.

4) Let your child choose their own books

By letting your child choose what books they want to read, you are letting them pick something that they enjoy and feel confident in reading. If you make them read a book they don't particularly like, they are less likely to engage in reading.

Wondering which books to pick for your four-year-old? Take a look at our round up...

Meg and Mog

£5.94 - RRP: £6.99

The classic Meg and Mog books are perfect for children who are just learning how to read! The simple sentences and bold lettering makes it easy for them to follow too. So why not join Meg and Mog on their adventures?

This book teaches children all about friendships and covers the theme of bullying. It's a perfect read to help teach little ones all about the importance of being kind!

Well hello, and welcome to planet Earth! This beautifully illustrated book talks about the world we live in and all the different people and things little ones will come across. It's thought provoking, while reassuring that the big world isn't scary.

Oi Cat!

£4.00 - RRP: £6.99

Imagine only being able to sit on something that rhymes with your name! This book explores rhymes in a way which will get kids giggling at the storyline.

Join Luke on his adventure to help try and save the world through sustainability and acting green. 

Miranda loves to be different, so when it's bring your pet to school day she shows up with something slightly different to the other class pets... 

Discover the life of David Attenborough, this book helps to inspire the next generation of outstanding people who will change the world.


£3.49 - RRP: £6.99

In a dark dark house in a dark dark cellar, lived some skeletons! This book might take you back to your childhood, so enjoy reading this repetative book with your child, and let them join in on the reading!

This book is lovely to read together, and it's all about a loveable dog with a huge personality and an even bigger dream!

Follow two unlikely characters on their adventure of bravery, freedom and determination!

Your child might be worrying about starting their adventure at school, so this book is perfect for reassuring kids on how to deal with worry!


£5.99 - RRP: £6.99

You've seen it before, with friends, siblings or even strangers at a play area! But this book is on hand to show children that sharing can be just as fun!

Mum's New Hat

£4.99 - RRP: £10.99

Part of the Biff, Chip and Kipper collection, children can enjoy funny rhymes while learning to read!

This interactive animal ABC guessing game with peep-through pages and fold-out flaps, by author of The Gruffalo, Julia Donaldson, and illustrated by Sharon King-Chai, is a lovely way to encourage your child with her ABCs. 

With eye-catching artwork and an exotic array of animals to marvel over, this gorgeous books asks questions such as 'Can you guess who has more legs than a butterfly?' and 'Who is wrinklier than a hedgehoge?' throughout, inviting your youngster to compare one animal to another and learn comparison words and adjectives from the natural world.



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