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Best toys for 5-year-olds that are educational and fun

Best toys for 5-year-olds

Playtime starts now! Finding the best toys for five-year-olds is easy when you know where to look. Picking the right kind of toys and gifts, on the other hand, can be difficult. 

If you're a parent who wants to tick all the fun boxes for your child, while ensuring that toys are engaging yet educational, then you've come to the right place.

We're up for the challenge when it comes to toys for development; after all, we know how vital playtime is for creativity and learning.  

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Boy plays with the children's cash register

Top tips for encouraging your five-year-old with fun, educational and imaginative play

We spoke to the co-founder of Nini Baby, Suze Patel, around tips to encourage play, “Absolutely anything can be used for imaginative play, it doesn’t need to cost the earth! From messy spaghetti play, to creating a magical sea world for your children to explore (think rocks and pipe cleaner coral), there is lots you can do to spark your little ones’ imaginations.

“You must release your inner child when it comes to imaginative play; making funny noises and silly faces will be great fun for both of you."

Suze goes on to add, “As a mother myself, I would always recommend that you enjoy imaginative play when your little one has had a peaceful night’s sleep – this way, they’ll be more engaged with any activities you plan.”

11 of the best toys for five-year-olds that are educational and fun:

To help you chose the right plaything for your child, we've pulled together our pick of the best toys for five-year-olds that will help them enjoy learning new skills. You're welcome!

Teach your little one how to use technology with their very own tablet. Unlike regular tablets, the Fire HD 8 Kids Edition has a kid-proof case, parental controls and a two-year worry-free guarantee. Amazing! 

Review: "I got this as a gift for my children during the first lockdown. I love the fact they have their own profiles, timers set by parents and extra apps can be added (we have added Sky Kids and Netflix as these weren't pre-programmed).

"Found it to be a bit of a faff with getting the extra apps, downloading the game on parents profile, then having to go into the kids profile to approve/add them to their profile, but after a bit of messing around we figured it out!"

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Encourage your kids to get down and dirty to learn about bugs in your local park. This kit will help little ones catch ladybirds, beetles and other creepy crawlies to study them, before letting them free in your garden. 

Review: "My 5-year-old nephew loved it, so much fun on Christmas Day looking for bugs in granny's kitchen cupboards" - how sweet.  

Watch the magic in your child's eyes as they grow their own rainbow. This is just one of the 12 experiments included in this set. When they've finished in the lab, they can carry on the fun with the 24-page full-colour lab book that's included. 

Review: "Bought for grandson's 5th birthday. We spent about two hours doing experiments. He loved it and spent the next week (before and after school) doing his own. This kit is good value for money, educational and fun." 

What more could you want?

From creating special occasion cards for Mother's Day to turning toilet paper rolls into space ships, a craft box is an excellent way to keep kids entertained on a wet weekend. 

Review: "Great item my daughter loves this has a lot of things to make crafts and also comes with instructions and a box that you can colour too."

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Develop your 5-year-old's literary skills with this match and spell game. Not only will this improve their spelling and reading, but it will also encourage them to ask questions. We love it. 

Review: "This is a really good idea. Start by showing your child the picture of the word and the letters needed for it. Just collect the letter and cover its counterpart on the card. Once your little one has the skills and patience, play the game with the cards turned over. The other side just shows the picture of the word and blanks out the letter. Get your child to practise sounding out the letters of the word."

Inquisitive minds will be enthralled by this voice-controlled smart robot. As well as being able to speak, this robot can dance, sing and even play music. 

Review: "This is a great gift for those on a budget! A small little device with great features, my 5-year-old brother absolutely loves it - it’s interactive, voice-controlled and a lot of fun! I didn’t want to give it away when I saw what it did.

"Easy to use and comes with detailed instructions. Responsive also. Great gift idea. Love the voice control on it."

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From one robot to another, we're on the artificial intelligence train. This time, however, the machine is all about coding for kids. Yes, you heard us correct! This toy develops skills in science, technology, engineering and maths. 

Review: "There is honestly so much to do with Botley and so many ways of playing with it! At the simplest level, you can just play the coloured light game where you simply have to follow the coloured sequence of lights Botley chooses. You can also create a coloured light display, which looks so effective with all the lights turned off.

"In 'line' mode, Botley will follow the black lines on the boards and my 7-year-old loved creating a track just using a roll of white paper and a black marker. It was really exciting to see if Botley recognised our homemade track!

"Then there are all the amazing things you can instruct Botley to do, from moving the balls using the headgear and getting it to change direction to go through your own obstacle course."

Teach your child how to get creative in the kitchen, thanks to this top quality baking set. It has everything you need to make cupcakes, cookies and other sweet treats. Not only does this allow you to expand on hands-on design skills, but it provides a safe space to talk about dangers in the kitchen.

Review: "I purchased this cooking and baking set as a present for my 5-year-old granddaughter, solely on all the great review recommendations. My daughter cannot praise this set highly enough. Her little daughter loves it and they enjoy baking together. The little bun cases are brilliant because they can be used again and again. This is a fabulous gift and any child who enjoys baking would love it."

These were all the rage back in the nineties and they're making a comeback after going viral on the social media platform, TikTok. We love that they encourage five-year-olds to use their imaginations, ask them questions about their art - what they say will be genius. 

Review: "Highly recommend you try the blopen with your children; they will love it as much as my little girl."

What's the time Mr Wolf? Dinner time? This game is fantastic because it's fun and explains the concept of time as well as how to understand the clock themselves. 

Review: "Anyone who needs help or has a child that isn't interested in telling the time, well this is the game for you! I got this to teach my daughter the time, but in a fun way. Well, this was an exciting game - believe me, I play it! It doesn't just tell the time in a traditional analog clock way, it teaches them to read it digitally. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone."

Building blocks are an incredible way to get kids to improve and progress on their problem-solving skills. With the help of magnetics, the possibilities of what your 5-year-old can assemble are endless. 

Review: "These are fantastic! This is the second set I've bought as my son (who we think has ADHD) will sit and play with these for HOURS. He wasn't very good at independent play before these, he would need constant supervision as he would get bored and then be mischievous around the house. He can make 3D shapes really easily and is using his imagination for creative play now."

Big Disney fans? This social word game is fun for all the family. The aim of the game is for two teams to see who can guess all of their words correctly first.

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