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The best books to teach children about the environment

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In the current environmental crisis we find ourselves in, it’s more important than ever to teach our children about the importance of taking care of our environment. Whether they can’t understand why we mustn’t waste water or why there are three bins in the kitchen for different things, there’s a lot to learn when it comes to doing our bit for the planet.

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If you’re wanting to teach your tots more about the planet and the small ways that they can make a difference, we’ve rounded up some fun, informative and educational books for your and your little one to read together.

Best books to teach children about the environment

Written by eight year old environmentalist, Frankie Morland, this book is all about why you're never too young to try and make a difference. In the book, Frankie shares lots of useful information for young children as well as helpful tips to do your bit. 

Do your tots constantly put their litter in the wrong bin? This book will teach your children all about the importance of disposing of our waste the responsible way. 

Introduce your children to the world's endagered species and help them learn about what makes each animal so special and why it's so important for us to help them. 

From turning the tap off when we brush our teeth to making sure we use both sides of the paper when drawing, this colourful book will help your little one learn how they can do they bit every day. 

Inspired by the amazing Greta Thunberg, this book helps youngsters learn all about Greta and her fligh against the climate crisis. 

This book will help your child learn all about the importance of clean drinking water and why some children aren't lucky enough to have access to it. 

This poetic picture book tells the story of two young families from two very different parts of the world planting a tree and their stories that follow. 

This wordless picture book follows the beautiful story of a little girl and her bee friend and introduces children to the importance of bees in our eco-system. 

The Last Garden

£9.31 - RRP: £12.99

Packed with gorgeous illustrations, this tender story is inspired by true events in Syria and war gardens around the world and throughout history. Gently touching on issues of conflict and migration, it is a story of hope that truly deserves a place on your child's bookshelf. 

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