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The best kid's book storage ideas

Are you fed up with your front room being a storage space for all your children’s books? Here at Mother&Baby, we’ve come up with the best kid’s book storage ideas so you can put your DIY skills to the test, or cheat and invest in a kid’s bookshelf. We’ve already found the best toy storage ideas, so we thought, why stop there?

We've compiled lists on everything from space-saving storage solutions for nurseries to what we're exploring now - the best children's book storage ideas. But, before we get into what to buy, here are our tips on how to create a kid's bookshelf with things that are just lying around the house. 

1 Give an old toy box new life

Do you have an old toy box in the attic or a hand-me-down from a friend? Buy some new fabric and get crafty.  

Cardboard box

2 Use a cardboard box

Set your little ones a challenge to decorate an unused cardboard box and then use it to put away their books. 

Washing basket

3 Washing basket

You've heard of a bookshelf and book box, but a book basket could be a cheap alternative to kid's book storage. All you'll need to do is make sure there's no dirty laundry in it. 

Wardrobe shelf

4 Use a shelf out of an old wardrobe 

Instead of buying yourself a kid's bookshelf, use a wardrobe or a shelf out of it to help create a space to store all their picture books. 

Wooden shelf

5 Or any other wood you have

Similarly to the wardrobe, use any scrap wood to create a shelf. Remember to sand this down before using it and add a lick of paint or varnish to finish off the look. 

Now that you're feeling inspired, we've rounded up all the best kid's book storage ideas that you can buy. 

Kids' book storage ideas

Let their imaginations run wild while reading and once your little ones' are done, get them excited about tidying up with their very own Frozen Disney Bookcase. Turn it into a game by having them transform into their favourite Frozen characters like Elsa or Olaf, and collecting all the books before they're magically turned into ice. 

If you don't have time to be creative enough to come up with your own kid's book storage idea, then you can just purchase this incredible garden-themed kids bookshelf. Not only will it help you turn your child's bedroom into an enchanted garden, but it'll also store away toys, books and keepsakes. Don't worry, putting up this bookshelf is quick and easy; simply follow the step-by-step instructions. 

If your children like to take all their books from one room to another and leave them in one BIG pile, then we've found a fun way to encourage them to tidy up with this adorable storage cart. They'll love piling in their picture books and pulling the cart's cord to take them on a journey to the garden.

Have you built your own kid's bookshelf? If the answer is yes, then all you'll need to do is add some accessories in it to make sure that every book stays in place. This handcrafted and three-dimensional set would make a great addition to any playroom or nursery.

Are you looking for a kid's book storage idea that is multifunctional? Not only can these toy boxes be used to put away whatever you like, but they can also be neatly folded and stored away themselves.  

We don't know who is going to love this bookcase more, you or your child. This white dolls house bookcase is everything that your nursery is missing. The different compartments will fit all types of books and any stylish nicknacks in it, which will tie in with the decor of your little girl or boy's room perfectly. 

Durable, washable and light weight, there’s space for all the kids books in this bookcase. It might not be the biggest DIY project, but at least it's easy to assemble. Your children should be able to start storing their books on the same day that you get this delivered.

How adorable is this moon and stars bookend? If you've put up some shelves to store all your kids' books, then a bookend comes in handy to make sure that they stay in place. Plus, they make a fantastic keepsake that they could hold onto for a long time.

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