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Getting out and about with your baby can seem like a mammoth task, so making sure car journeys are as stress-free and comfortable as possible is vital to keeping your baby happy.

But what makes the perfect car seat for newborns? Joie’s new i-Level is specially designed for infants with all the safety and comfort features you need so you can travel with peace of mind that your baby is safe and secure. Coming complete with latest safety certifications for more protection than ever, the seat also comes with easy conversion from car carrier to carry cot.

What makes the Joie i-Level Infant Car Seat the perfect car seat for you and your baby?

Using the latest technological advancements, the Joie i-level has been tested to its limits to make sure it keeps your baby safe and comfortable. The seat is specially designed for better head, neck and body support making it perfect for a baby’s small and fragile body.

Your baby will be safe from all angles with the specialised headrest on the i-Level car seat. Adding another layer of safety is the Tri-Protect™ headrest which is made with 3 layers of side impact protection, including patented Intelli-Fit™ memory foam.

The seat also allows your baby to travel rearward facing for up to 15 months allowing the baby’s neck to develop and strengthen before they begin forward-facing travel.

How does the seat fit?

The very safe ISOFIX is required for i-Size infant carriers and combination seats. Most modern vehicles are equipped with ISOFIX connectors, resulting in less room for installation error and ensuring i-Size car seats will fit most ISOFIX vehicles. The fitting is now more accurate as it is now classified based on a child’s height instead of weight, ensuring a more accurate fit for growing children.

It also fits easily into your favourite compatible pushchair meaning you can move your baby from the car to a pushchair in an instant.

It will grow with your baby

They grow fast, so why not choose an infant car seat that easily grows with them? Grow Together™ multi-height headrest and harness system adjusts simultaneously and requires no rethreading of the harness meaning your baby will remained comfortable as they grow.
Simple to use, with just one hand, you can adjust the headrest and harness together to accommodate growing babies.

If your little one drops to sleep during the journey, the Sleepytime tilt™ means that your baby will be extra cosy thanks to the deepest and cosiest 157º angle for the most ergonomic position for baby—understanding that little ones should lie as flat as possible as often as possible to promote a healthy spine and improved oxygen levels.

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