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Stay rear-facing for longer with the spin safe from Joie

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With Spring just around the corner, mums up and down the country are wistfully dreaming of warmer weather and already planning how to spend the Easter holiday.

Whether you are popping down the road to see family, or loading up the car and heading to the coast for the day, you need to know that your most precious cargo will be safe on the journey. When it comes to car seats the facts are clear – rearward facing is safer – 73% safer to be precise. In the event of an accident children are much more susceptible to injury because their weak neck muscles are unable to support the weight of their heads.

A forward-facing car seat will keep a child’s upper body in one place, but the force of the impact will throw the head forward and can cause potentially life altering injuries. A rear-facing car seat however, will absorb the force of the impact, significantly reducing the risk of injury to the head and neck. Even if the impact comes from a rear collision, a rear-facing seat is still the safer option.

Statistically speaking, rear impacts are less likely to cause a serious injury – there’s less force involved as both vehicles are travelling in the same direction, and when used correctly, a rear facing seat will absorb the crash energy as well as keeping the motion of the child under control.

How long can a child stay in a rear-facing car seat?

It’s longer than you may realise - children can still use rear facing car seats at the age of four-years-old. Don’t be worried about the lack of leg room – children can find ways to be comfortable that us grown-ups wouldn’t even contemplate.

If you are worried it’s going to be difficult getting an older child in and out of a rear-facing car seat, be sure to check out Joie’s spin safe. This dedicated rearward-facing seat has a swivel base that makes getting in and out of the car a doddle – and it’s suitable up for children up to 18kg, keeping your little one rear facing for longer.

The spin safe has been put through its safety paces and successfully passed the Swedish Plus Test. One of only a handful of car seats to achieve the Plus Test certification – well known for being one of the hardest car seat tests to pass.

Thanks to its cosy adaptable inserts, the spin safe is also suitable from birth, keeping your baby safe and sound at every stage, while the one-time ISOFIX installation means you can rest assured the spin safe will always be perfectly in place.

Joie prides itself in being the leading car seat educator and is working alongside the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) as their Global Partner in Child Road Safety – so you know you can trust a Joie car seat. For more information about the Joie spin-safe, as well as other car seats in the Joie family, visit

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